Maharbano Reveals about Incident of Sexually Harassment


Maharbano Reveals about Incident of Sexually Harassment

Maharbano, a young actress who has shown the essence of acting in dramas like 'Meray Paas Tum Ho, Ghalati, Khuda aur Mohabat, there is no mechanism or platform in the Pakistani showbiz industry to complain about 'sexual harassment'.

In an interview with the showbiz website 'Some Thing Hot', Maharbano spoke openly about issues such as sexual harassment in showbiz industry and the incidents happened to her, including criticism of actresses on social media.

In a lengthy interview, Maharbano also talked about her education and acting and said that she studied acting in the United States. She is lucky to have the role of brave women in dramas or web series.

Maharbano said that Pakistani showbiz industry is based on dramas and it is because of great dramas that the domestic industry has made a name for itself in the outside world. But now dramas like the past are not made.

Maharbano said that actresses are criticized on social media so much that their personal, marital and family life are ruined. Sometimes criticism leads people to commit suicide.

The actress said that if a woman's dupatta is moved from one side to the other or the dress is slightly removed, there is a commotion. Such women are criticized, along with family and friends, for causing such women to feel depressed, to become depressed, and then to commit suicide.

In response to a question, Maharbano admitted that the girls do not understand at an early age that they are being harassed.

He admitted that it took her a while to understand the harassment itself and that she was harassed for being part of the media industry at an early age.

The actress said that usually men in high positions in showbiz industry harass girls and actresses. Sometimes women suffer harassment because of their job and career and the fact that they have to keep quiet because of the job.

Talking about sexual harassment, she revealed that a man who set up a mic during shooting a few years ago tried to physically harass her but she could not understand his movement and Saba Qamar rescued him.

The actress said that the person who set up the mic was harassing her in a way but since she was young, she could not understand the matter. So Saba Qamar came to her aid and got the man out of the shooting team.

Continuing on the same topic, Maharbano said that there is no mechanism or platform in the showbiz industry for filing sexual harassment complaints.

It is pertinent to mention that Mahrabano started acting before the age of 20 years. Maharbano born on 13 April 1994 at Lahore. She started acting in 2012 with the play 'Daag' for which she was also nominated for 13th Lux Style Award. Her popular dramas' Meray Paas Tum ho, Khuda aur Mohabat, Ghalati, Balaa, Moor Mahal and Uff yeh Mohabbat.

Maharbano also starred in the movie 'Motorcycle Girl' and the bold web series “Churails” but gained fame only after starring in the web series.

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