Muneeb Butt Used to Call me sister, Wife Aiman Khan


Muneeb Butt Used to Call me sister, Wife Aiman Khan

Pakistani actress Aiman Khan reveals that her husband Muneeb Butt used to call her sister.

A short video clip is going viral on social media which is picked from Aiman Khan's interview. Aiman Khan is talking about her and Muneeb Butt's relationship in the video.

Aiman Khan is telling her fans about first meetings Muneeb Butt during the interview.

Aiman Khan says that they met during the shooting of a telefilm. They had no contact after completion of the telefilm. Aiman Khan says that she was at youngster stage during those days. Aiman Khan says that they did another project together after that telefilm.

Aiman Khan said that Muneeb Butt used to call her his sister at that time. Moreover, he used to tell his mother that Aiman Khan is like his sisters.

Aiman Khan added that "then their friendship gradually deepened and they were in a close friendship for 4 years before they got engaged."

On the other hand, actor Muneeb Butt said in an interview that he was offered marriage by Aiman Khan. But Aiman Khan doesn't accept it and says during every show that it was a joke but the discussion on marriage was first started by Aiman Khan.

It is pertinent to mention that 22 years old Aiman Khan and 29 years old Muneeb Butt got married during the year 2018 and they have one daughter.

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