Dia Mirza Gives Birth to her Baby before Due Time


Dia Mirza Gives Birth to her Baby before Due Time

Actress Dia Mirza, who tied the knot for the second time in February this year, has given birth to her second child.

Dia Mirza confirmed the birth of her baby on Instagram and Twitter, revealing that she actually gave birth to the baby two months ago.

The actress shared a photo of the baby's hand on Instagram and said in a detailed post that due to some medical complications, she gave birth to the baby on 14 May 2021 just a few weeks ahead of time.

The actress said that she had some medical complications during her pregnancy, however, timely diagnosis saved her from great danger and the doctors operated on her on an emergency basis in mid-May and gave birth to a premature baby.

According to Dia Mirza, her baby was admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) a few weeks prematurely due to surgery, but baby is now in good health.

The actress expressed her gratitude that her and her child's life was saved and the timely diagnosis and treatment of the doctors saved her from a big problem and trouble.

Dia Mirza said that she has named her son Aryan Azad Rekhi and she and her husband Vebhu Rekhi are very happy about the birth of their son.

The actress also thanked the fans for their good wishes and also praised the doctors and nurses caring for the baby.

After Dia Mirza shared a post about the birth of a child, showbiz personalities and fans congratulated her and wished her well.

It may be noted that Dia Mirza had married industrialist Vebhu Rekhi in

mid-February 2021 and in April the actress had said that she was pregnant.

Only a few weeks after Dakara's marriage, after she confirmed that she was pregnant, when her baby bump appeared in the picture of the actress, there were rumors that she had become pregnant before the marriage.

Later, Dia Mirza confirmed the news and admitted that she had become pregnant before marriage.

Dia Mirza was married to industrialist Sahil Sanga in 2014 before Vebo Rekhi, whom she divorced during 2019, while this is also the second marriage of her second husband Vebo Rekhi.

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