Former cricketer Abdul Razzaq Concedes Relationships with a Dancer


Former cricketer Abdul Razzaq Concedes Relationships with a Dancer

Former public cricketer and legendary all-rounder Abdul Razzaq has conceded after just about 22 years his relationship with actress and dancer Deedar.

Abdul Razzaq resigned from cricket in 2013. He had played in more than 260 ODIs and 40 Test matches. He was viewed as probably the best batsman, he was viewed as the best bowler and his profession was saved from any controversy.

In any case, when his profession was at its top in 1999, there were bits of gossip that he was engaging in extramarital relations with stage dancer and actress Deedar, yet such reports couldn't be affirmed at that point, however presently the previous cricketer has spoken transparently on the issue during a program broadcasted on ARY Channel. During the program, the previous cricketer not just talked straightforwardly about his relationship with neighborhood dancer Deedar, yet additionally uncovered numerous mysteries of the universe of cricket.

Abdul Razzaq said he was not used to his latent capacity and was dropped a few times because of choices by the top administration of the cricket load up.

The previous cricketer additionally uncovered that he had been offered match-fixing before and he turned down the offer and told the fixers that in the event that he paid them to an extreme, they would just destroy their confidence.

Abdul Razzaq said that he played cricket drove by around twelve skippers. He said that when Younis Khan was offered the captaincy, he was additionally requested to eliminate seven players, including Abdul Razzaq, yet Younis Khan turned down the offer.

As per the previous cricketer, a similar offer was subsequently made to Shoaib Malik and he was constrained by the higher specialists to eliminate five players including him from the group.

The previous cricketer said that he didn't see Shoaib Malik as blameworthy of being dropped from the group.

In light of an question, Abdul Razzaq said that he has no goal of composing a book, in light of the fact that reality must be written in the book, so he is avoiding making such a stride.

In the program, Abdul Razzaq conceded on the subject of his relationship with dancer and actress Deedar in the past that he had a relationship with the actress.

The previous cricketer said that his relationship with the dancer was set up in 1999 and the matter came to marriage however he didn't make any large vows to the actress and requested that she leave showbiz for marriage.

As indicated by Abdul Razzaq, he had allowed Deedar a half year to choose to pass on Showbiz to get hitched, yet the actress later disclosed to him that she was unable to surrender her profession, which is the reason he didn't marry her.

As indicated by the previous cricketer, since his family doesn't acknowledge any showbiz character, he didn't marry Deedar.

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