Respect girls so much that they be forced tease you, Meera

 Girls may be respected so much that one day they will be forced to tease Boy, Actress Meera

Actress Meera often gives statements which become headlines of news. In other words, it may be said that she knows tricks to become headlines of news. Showbiz personalities record their condemnation messages on Minar Pakistan incident, while Meera Ji has made such a statement on this issue that even the social media users have been shocked and surprised.

A TikTok video of actress Meera is going viral on social media in which she is seen advising boys, "respect girls, respect, culture, morality, respect girls so much that one day they may be forced to tease boys".

This video of Meera is going viral on social media and people are commenting that the actress is very clever and says such things intentionally to received attention on media. While some people said that what more can be expected from her.

It is highlighted that that 400 men had harassed TikToker Ayesha Akram on August 14 at Greater Iqbal Park (Minar-e-Pakistan) in Lahore. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had taken suo-moto over the incident and ordered to take stern action against the culprits. Important figures including showbiz personalities had also condemned the incident.

After incident of Minar-e-Pakistan, another video of harassment activities with girls had gone viral. It can be seen in the video that an obscene young man escaped after kissing a girl travelling in Chingchi Rickshaw in Lahore.

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