Biography of Rehman Mughal @ Sarmad Sindhi (Sindh jo Beejal)

Biography of Rehman Mughal @ Sarmad Sindhi (Sindh jo Beejal)


Sarmad Sindhi who will ever live in the hearts of Sindhis due to his revolutionary and folk songs

Abdul Rehman Mughal @ Sarmad Sindhi son of Hayat Muhammad was born on 7 July 1961 at Piryalo of District Khairpur. He was belonging to Punjabi ethnicity of Khairpur District but his feelings and revolutionary national anthems led him to Sarmad Sindhi.

Sarmad Sindhi Passed Matriculation from from Govt School Piryalo and later passed Diploma from Technical College Khairpur during 1980. He acquired initial job at Hyderabad Development Authority during 1984 and later he was appointed as Engineer at Karachi Development Authority. He remained appointed in this department till his death.

Sarmad Sindhi started his singing career since college life during 1978 where used to sing national anthems and folk songs in friends gatherings and college’s small functions. He had love with slogan "Jeay Sindh" since he used to sing national revolutionary songs with utmost enthusiasm which knocked the hearts of youth. His favourite leader was Sain GM Syed since he was usually singing national anthems. During the martial law regime of General Zia Ul Haq, national songs were usually listened in the Sindh and his national songs with a unique composition were liked by every Sindhi. He also used to sing songs during wedding programs within Sindh where youth community used to stand up and started dancing on his national anthems. He sang on every issue of Sindh and gave sensation to Sindhi People through his revolutionary songs. He had never taken any fees for the national programs but he used to participate in the programs where he was not invited. He used to organize national programs himself as well.

Sarmad Sindhi had not acquired any teachings of music but he used to compose the tunes of his songs himself. Famous Radio Pakistan Broadcaster and poet Kausar introduced Sarmad Sindhi through Radio Pakistan Hyderabad and Producer Sami Baloch introduced him on Pakistan Television. His first songs “Maroo loli” and “Tuhnji Yaad ji wari a weer” were aired from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad. He had also released many audio cassettes and his songs are still popular within Sindh. His every song became mostly popular out which his popular songs are Kandi na Singri, maroo loli, Jadah hin dunya maan guzaray weenda sien, O Qatil Badlo Wathanda sien, je jeewan tomien Sindh na aa any more.

On event a national program in which Sain GM Syed was also present, he requested to Sain GM Syed  “Sindhi People still call me not a Sindhi despite of such devotions for Sindh so what should I do that Sindhi people believe me like as Sindhi” Sain GM Syed stood up and came on stage where he said that you now not Abdul Rehman but now you are Sarmad Sindhi and every Sindhi will call you Sindhi. Moreover, Sindhi community had given also him the nickname Sindh jo Beejal (سنڌ جو ٻيجل). Due to his utmost performance in singing and composing unique tunes of his songs, Sindhi musicians and singers had given him nickname Raag jo rano (راڳ جو راڻو).

Sarmad Sindhi sang poetry of many famous poets of Sindh, which include Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast, Sheikh Ayaz, Ustad Bukhari, Zahid Sheikh, Abdul Ghaffar Tabassum, Rashid Morai, Bedil Masroor, Anwar Qambrani, Rashid Morai and many more.

On 27 December 1996, Sarmad Sindhi was going from Badin to Karachi after performing in a program while truck trolley of sugarcane hit with his vehicle resultantly, he along with his friends got seriously injured. Sarmad Sindhi was being taken to hospital but he could not survive and expired on the way.

He had one daughter on the day of his death however, God blessed his wife a son after three days of his death and he was named as Aziz Ur Rehman. After his death, his brother Ahmed Mughal also singing and he also a famous singer of Sindh.

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