What are the feelings of Sadaf Kanwal for Husband


What are the feelings of Sadaf Kanwal for Husband

Actress and model Sadaf Kanwal says that the social traditions and cultures of Pakistan are that a married woman not only has to iron her husband's clothes but also has to carry his shoes.

The actress along with her husband Shahroze Sabzwari joined TV Show Hamary Mehman on ARY News. The couple not only talked openly about their future plans, but also about marital life and social issues.

In the same program, Sadaf Kanwal also admitted that when she sang the item Song in 2017, she was young, now she has grown up and will not do it again.

Sadaf Kanwal had sung the item song 'Kaif O Saroor in the 2017 blockbuster film 'Lapata Afrad 2', which was highly appreciated, as well as criticized for her dress and bold style.  However, now she has said that 4 years ago she did not understand singing the item on her behalf but now she has become sensible.

Both said that no one was angry with their decision to get married and they got married with the consent of the family.

Shahroze Sabzwari said that his friends did not object to his decision to remarry Sadaf Kanwal and did not say anything wrong.

He did not elaborate on his divorce from his first wife, Syra Yousaf, but said he would respect her until she died.

According to Shahroze Sabzwari, Syra Yousaf is not an ordinary woman but the mother of his daughter Nooray, so it is his duty to respect her till her death.

The actor said that his daughter 7-year-old Nooray is also free with Sadaf Kanwal and the two have a deep relationship, because his second wife gave her daughter make-up and taught her to do make-up.

In response to a question, Shahroze Sabzwari said that when Sadaf Kanwal sang the item Song in 2017, he did not even know her. But now if his wife wants to do so, it is her choice and he will not stop her.

In this regard, Sadaf Kanwal explained that when she did 'Kaif-o-Saroor', she was young and childish, now she has grown up, she has understood and her thoughts have changed.

"At younger stage, many people wear clothes which shouldn't be worn as well as inappropriate things shouldn't be done. But now she is mature and will not sing the item again," she said.

She said that singing of item song would not be problem for her husband Shahroze Sabzwari. In fact, her own views have changed and she has become wiser, so she will not do it again.

Sadaf Kanwal also talked thoughtfully on feminism and women's march during the program and she said that she would not discuss the issue. However, she wants to say that a wife should know about all requirements of her husband.

As per actress, being a wife, every woman should know about her husband's clothes and her husband other needs since, she takes care of all things of her husband.

She said that it is social tradition and culture Pakistan that a woman has to get married, she must has husband and as a wife she has to iron her husband clothes and as well she should take off shoes of his husband.

According to Sadaf Kanwal, although she does not iron her husband's clothes or pick up his shoes. But she knows her husband needs and every woman should have such knowledge. She added that as a wife, every woman should also know when and what her husband likes to eat.

At the same time, the actress said that it is not necessary for husband to be aware of his wife's necessities. She said that which ladies consider needs of their husbands as insignificant are in a way liberals. However, she did not criticize such women.

Such statement of Sadaf Kanwal sparked new debate during which people seemed divided. Actress's statement caused stimulation on social media as well she remained top trend on 30 and 31 July 2021.

Most people appreciated the actress's emphasis on husband, while some criticized her for saying that it is not necessary for  husband to take care of his wife's requirements.

Some people called Sadaf Kanwal's statement a reflection of Pakistani traditions.

Where some people also called her Islamic person as well as some criticized her over her performance and modeling in the previous item song and said that she is now teaching the religion.

Many people also made memes on actress's statement and also mocked her on calling her husband Shairoo and also shared memes on her talking about feminism and liberalism.

Some people compared Sadaf Kanwal to playwright Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar and said that both personalities have same mentality but their faces are different.

Some people said that when they saw Sadaf Kanwal's name in the top trend on Twitter on 31 July, they were worried what the actress has now done. But when they checked, they found that this time she was trending because of her good work.

Some people also targeted the luxurious life of the actress and at the same time satirized her style.

It is pertinent to mention that that Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroze Sabzwari were married in May 2020, before that there were rumors of a relationship between the two.

Before Sadaf Kanwal, Shahroze Sabzwari married Saira Yousaf in 2012 and both had a daughter Nooray. However, they had separated from each during in March 2020.

Just a few months after her marriage to Shahroze Sabzwari, Sadaf Kanwal had announced that she would not sing the item again and now she said that she has become sensible, so she would not do such a thing.

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