Fahad desires to Prepare Film Larkana Nahi Jaoongi

Fahad desires to Prepare Film Larkana Nahi Jaoongi


Fahad Mustafa wishes to make film Larkana nahi Jaoon gi illustrating the life of actress Mehwish Hayat.

Leading actor, host and producer of Pakistan Fahad Mustafa has said interesting things during an interview recently given to 23News.

Fahad Mustafa said that he still likes his drama 'Atashi' prepared during 2009, because he played the role of a Bengali in said drama, which was very difficult. The actor admitted that he doesn't know to dance well and looks like a 'fool' during dancing. Fahad called himself not 'handsome' but 'cute'

Fahad admitted that he had made several mistake while filming his game show 'Jeeto Pakistan'. He said that he likes as well as tied to acting, producing and hosting since cannot give anyone field of them.

He called Prime Minister Imran Khan as "superstar" of the country.

The actor praising about Javed Sheikh said that his "sense of humor" is the most unique and best, while Wasay Chaudhary dominates general knowledge.

Fahad Mustafa said that he likes Hollywood actress Scarlett Johnson. He said that whenever he is offered to perform role in a romantic movie and select heroine as per his choice then, he would work with Scarlett Johnson.

Fahad revealed that he doesn't know to use social media properly, but he wants to learn it.

During the program, Fahad Mustafa said that Mehwish Hayat has been his first love on screen and that if he is given chance to make biography film on the actress he will make the film with name 'Larkana nahi jaoon gi'. 

Similarly talking about himself, Fahad said that if he given opportunity to make a biography film on his life, he would name it 'Kalay sy goray tak' in which he will cast Bilal Abbas to perform his role.

Fahad Mustafa is son of famous legend Sindhi Actor Salahuddin Tunio belonging to district Larkana, who started his showbiz career during 2004.

The actor has so far acted in over 30 dramas and films as well as he has produced several plays and films.

Fahad Mustafa is also host of Pakistan’s most popular Show “Jeeto Pakistan” since 2014 which is being aired on ARY

Fahad Mustafa married with playwright Sana during 2006 and they have a son and a daughter.

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