I do not intend to Marry immediately, TikTok Star Hareem Shah


I do not intend to Marry immediately, TikTok Star Hareem Shah

Two-and-a-half months ago TikToker Hareem Shah had claimed regarding her marriage with an MPA of Sindh Assembly. However, now she has said that she would not yet marry.

On June 28, TikTok star Hareem Shah had claimed that she had married to any member of the Sindh Assembly of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP). The TikToker had said that she would return from Turkey after honeymoon before August then arrange a ceremony in Karachi. However, she had not clarified the name of her husband.

Some of PPP leaders of Sindh Assembly including Syed Zulfiqar Shah, Saeed Ghani and Murtaza Wahab had also clarified that they did not marry with the TikToker.

Hareem Shah had later moved to Turkey and used to upload videos from there for several weeks.

Now she told Sajid Hassan in an interview that she do not intend to get married immediately. It is not clear that how long ago the interview was recorded however, it has been aired during last week

Hareem Shah in a question during interview in program "Zindagi with Sajid" replied to host Sajid that she do not intend get married yet. She said that her parents kept continuously asking her for marriage while many people and close relatives had also demanded her from the parents but she refused.

As Per TikToker Hareem Shah, most of the girls of her tribe are get married in early age as per tribal traditions and most of the women in her family have got married but she has no intention of getting married at the moment.

Talking about marriage, she said that she is not opposing marriage but she is not ready to get married mentally yet. She further said that the burden of responsibilities is increased on a woman after and she becomes more responsible after becoming mother as well. Therefore, she is not yet mentally ready to accomplish such responsibilities.

After being repeatedly pressured and advised by the host to get married, Hareem Shah debated that even Sheikh Rashid did not get married. On this stance, the host responded her that Sheikh Rashid is a man who has a colorful temperament; since TikTok star does not compare Sheikh Rashid with her.

On this Hareem Shah replied that “I am not comparing myself with Sheikh Rashid but I am only saying that no one has ever pointed out her him but the women are pointed out repeatedly.

It is highlighted that during the interview, neither the host asked her any questions about her marriage claim nor she talked about her marriage claims of June 2021.

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