Could not see Husband's activities due to commitments, Shilpa


Could not see Husband's activities due to commitments, Shilpa Shetty

Due to her busy schedule, she was unable to monitor her husband's activities, Shilpa Shetty told police

According to the Times of India, Mumbai police of India have filed a new statement in the case of Raj Kandra in the supplemental challan filed in court which also includes statement of his wife Actress Shilpa Shetty. Shilpa Shetty has admitted in his statement that she was unable to closely monitor her husband's activities due to her busy schedule. She further has said in the statement that she didn’t know that her husband Raj Kundra is making pornographic movies. She has added in the statement that she did know nothing about her husband's alleged pornographic applications 'Hot Shot and Bolly Fame'.

Industrialist Raj Kundra, was arrested by the Mumbai police in Maharashtra state on 19 July 2021 in connection with a case of making pornographic films and is currently in police custody.

In early July, Shilpa Shetty recorded her statement and categorically denied the allegations against her husband, saying that her spouse was not involved in making pornographic films.

In a statement recorded with the police, she said that the content available on her husband's app called 'Hot Shot' cannot be called pornography, it is pornographic material.

In this regard, Mid-day reported that supplementary challan has been filed against Raj Kandra indicated that the police had searched the statements of models, actors and 42 other people and eyewitnesses to investigate the matter. As per The challan produced in the court, police has also recovered laptops, hard drives and other electronic devices from Raj Kundra's home and two different offices during the raid, which are being inspected.

According to the challan, Shilpa Shetty said has that her husband founded Vian Industries in 2015 and that she was also on the company's board of directors. The actress said that she resigned in July 2020 due to personal commitments and was unaware that the company's offices were used to upload content on pornographic applications.

In the challan, the police also claimed that Raj Kundra used two Vian Industries offices to make pornographic films and upload them to apps.

Raj Kundra's case is likely to be heard in next week. His last hearing was scheduled on 9 September 2021, but it could not be held.

Raj Kundra has been in police custody since July 19. The court has rejected her request for his release on bail three times, while his case could not be heard twice.

Now a supplementary challan has been filed against him, and an important court hearing is likely to take place.

Numerous models and actresses have also given statements against Raj Kundra, claiming that they were blackmailed or lured for money to film pornographic scenes.

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