Fans Criticize Actress Sohai Ali Abro for dancing in Turkey


Fans Criticize Actress Sohai Ali Abro for dancing in Turkey

Video of Sohai Ali Abro dancing at street of Turkey went viral on Social media.

A video of Pakistani actress and model Sohai Ali Abro's past has been shared on Instagram in which she is present in Pakistan's friend country Turkey. Local artists are seen playing their country's traditional music on a street of Turkey. Many people including Sohai are being seen listening and enjoying music of these artists. 

While leading actress of Pakistan Sohai Ali Abro is also being seen enjoying the video meanwhile, she could not control such exciting situation and started dancing on the music infront of crowd. Well-known photographer of Ashna Khan had also accompanied with Sohai Ali Abro who cannot also stop himself and started dancing as well.

Local people watching Sohai Ali’s dance have enjoyed and appreciated dancer through clapping. Video of the showbiz actress has gone viral on social media which is being strictly criticized by social media users. However, Sohai Ali Abro has not shown any reaction after watching the video.

It may be recalled that Sohai Ali Abrohad married with first class cricketer Shahzar Muhammad in March 2021. Wedding ceremony of the coupled was arranged in a simple manner. The event was attended by famous Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed and other important personalities of showbiz and sports.

Shehzar Muhammad is son of former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Muhammad and grandson of former captain Hanif Muhammad. Shahzar Muhammad has scored a double century in Pakistan's first-class cricket like his father and grandfather.

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