Actor and Host Fahad Mustafa also criticizes PM Imran Khan


Actor and Host Fahad Mustafa also criticizes PM Imran Khan

Host and Actor Fahad Mustafa, in reaction to rising inflation in country has said that it is time now to openly panic

Rise in prices in petroleum products have become top trend on social media across the country, with the public making interesting comments on rising inflation in the country. Someone asked to grant the Prime Minister for permission for having some panic as well as someone congratulated PM Imran Khan for the new Pakistan. Where nation was seen worried about increase in petrol price, Host and Film actor Fahad Mustafa is also looking very worried about price hike in petroleum. In this regard the actor shared a humorous post for PM Imran Khan on social media.

Fahad Mustafa shared satirical post on Twitter account in which he has written for Imran Khan “He could have upraised upto Rs 20/- , if he wanted. But he just increased it by Rs 10.49 only for the sake of nation. That is the actual leader.  The actor also added 'hand joining' emoji while sharing his post.

After posting by Fahad Mustafa, his fan on Twitter namely Amanullah Azad questioned Fahad Mustafa, “Sir! Shall we be a little nervous now (sir ab hum thora ghabraien)?'

Answering to the question actor FahadMustafa said, "Not a little, now openly panic (Thora nahi ab khul k ghabraien)”

It should be noted that Government of Pakistan has recently increased prices of petroleum products. In this consequence, price of petrol has been increased by Rs 10.49/- after which price of petrol has reached up to Rs 137.79 per liter.

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