Why Actresses, Model and Hostess Rubi Ali Faces Criticism

Why Actresses, Model and Hostess Rubi Ali Faces Criticism


Rubi Ali is the best actress, hosts and model of Suhni Sindh but she has ever seen criticism in her career life

Sindhi Actress, Model and Hostess Rubi Ali alias Manti born on 10 Apr 1991. She hails from District Umar Kot and belonging to Rajput caste of Punjabi community. She acquired her qualification from Iqra University.

She started her acting career sixteen years ago during the year 2005 from PTV and later entered in Sindhi Channel KTN. She has performed in more than 400 Sindhi Dramas. Her famous dramas are Meeran, Pachan Poyan and other many drama serials. She has performed in thirteen telefilms with Asad Qureshi. Her famous telefilms are Ladli and Heer. She has also performed on many music video of KTN, Sindh TV and other Sindhi Channels. She has also performed as hostess of many shows and entertainment programs of Sindhi Private Channels. Rubi Ali received fame after hosting KTN program Yadigrioun as well as interviewing and meeting Singer Mumtaz Molai as hostess of said program. Rubi Ali is also a famous TikToker of Sindh and holds more than one million followers on TikTok.

Rubi Ali usually faces criticism for her controversial videos and as well as leaking of fabricated or otherwise videos. Rubi Ali usually uploads controversial videos on her TikTok account, which are usually being observed against culture of Sindh.

She has recently performed as model in the song of Poet and Singer Irshad Jagirani "Mohabbat Ein Kabi aa". Sindhi people have criticized her very much due to her controversial acting in said song. Since Sindhi people perceive that Rubi Ali through her controversial video is defaming culture and customs of Suhni Sindh. It is pertinent to mention that said song is famous song of LateJalal Chandio however, Irshad Jagirani has sung the song in tribute to him after changing its tune. The said song performed by Irshad Jagirani has been released by Sindhi TV Channel “Sindh TV”

Here is the original song “Mohabbat ein Kabi aa” sung by Late Jalal Chandio.

Tune and modeling performance on the song by Singer Irshad Jagirani is also shown below. This performance obviously led both the artists to criticism.

After releasing above song by Irshad Jagirani, a controversial video of singer Irshad Ali Jagirani and Rubi was leaked on social media. which have given Sindhi community a new topic for hype. However, both artists have cleared through video statements that said video is fabricated against them.

Rubi Ali has been awarded Best Sindhi Model Award for her best performance in modeling.

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