Iqrar Ul Hassan Apologizes for Supporting Ayesha Akram


Iqrar Ul Hassan Apologizes for Supporting Ayesha Akram

Iqrar Ul Hassan Apologizes from nation for Supporting TikToker Ayesha Akram after surfacing audio call recording of Ayesha Akram and her accomplice Rambo

Television host Syed Iqrar Ul Hassan apologized for supporting Ayesha Akram after a telephone conversation about extorting from arrested in the assault on a TikToker woman in Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore. In this 25 seconds audio conversation between TikToker lady and her partner Rambo, discussion is being made to extort money from the identified persons in the jail. Later, Iqrar Ul Hassan has released the video statement apologizing the nation for supporting TikToker lady Ayesha Akram. The words which saying Iqrar Ul Hassan in his video statement are given in succeeding paras.

I am making this video to unconditionally apologize to all of you. If possible, the charity for the work I have done in the last 8 to 10 years, you will forgive me."

The recent surfaced audio of Ayesha Akram and Rambo in which they plan to release the arrested persons and plan to receive Rs 5 lakh from them in exchange for a deal, in which I was with TikToker Ayesha, it was the moment they were treated with rudeness.

Even after the incident, when accurate or fabricated videos of Ayesha came out, I thought her role as matter between Allah and her, but now she is planning to become a tyrant.

A poor honest or dishonest person who has been arrested and off course more money can be demanded from guilty person and I had no idea that I  was with a girl like that.

The whole nation kept explaining to me, as well as many people said badly about me, my family and my friends refrained me but I thought there was only an oppressed girl. The activities that happened to TikToker were wrong and I opposed that oppression. I did not speak even a word against Ayesha in the videos that came out later, but after surfacing their audio call, now this case has entered the realm of corruption and oppression. These people are discussing in this audio that arrested persons are belong to poor background and cannot pay 5-5 lacs.

I met Ayesha Akram and Rambo regarding this audio and I know this audio is real.

I don't know why I am apologizing, what I could had to investigate this case, whether, I was present with them. No reporter can see any person’s TikTok or Instagram accounts before reporting such incidents. Nobody can read such persons and predict how corrupt she is, that instead of doing herself justice, he started trading her honor for 5-5 lacs.

Iqrar Ul Hassan said that the whole nation was as depressed after seeing these videos as I was in my video with Yasir Shami.

I unconditionally apologize for reporting this incident. Allah knows, I was not at my fault in this case. It is my job to report the incident and I reported the incident. But Ayesha you chose lust, greed and you must did nothing, you should have respected me. If you needed money you must asked me for that.

We saw an oppressed girl being raped, we came for her aid. We called for her sister and put our hands on her head but she humiliated her brothers.

I made a big mistake in differentiating between oppressors and oppressed.

Iqrar Ul Hassan while addressing to TikToker Ayesha Akram said that you should have thought that Yasir Shami and I were facing a lot of criticism for you, for being your voice and for justice, but sadly you didn't accept it.

It is pertinent to mention that after the Minar - e - Pakistan incident, Yasir Shami host of daily Pakistan had interviewed TikToker Ayesha Akram and, in the same interview, Iqrar Ul Hassan had also supported TikToker lady. After the interview, Iqrar Ul Hassan also faced severe criticism on social media and a trend started on Twitter demanding his arrest. But, Iqrar Ul Hassan constantly supported her through various statements that if something went wrong with the woman, we should support him. In this effect, in a tweet on 9 October Iqrar Ul Hassan had also said that "Ayesha Akram herself went to Minar-e- Pakistan or someone took her there, no one had the right to rip her clothes off." We should all support her in this one thing, we have to support all the women who are being rude. "

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