Release Date of Film Ek Hai Nigar has been announced


Release Date of Film Ek Hai Nigar has been announced

Announcement of the release of the film 'Ek Hai Nigar' based on the first woman lieutenant general

Mahira Khan will perform in telefilm 'Ek Hai Nigar' as role of Lieutenant General Nigar Johar who is first female lieutenant general Pak Army. It is highlighted that the Mahira Khan is also co-producer of the film

Teaser for the film was aired during the month of August 2021 and it was expected that the telefilm would be released in September 2021.

Story of the telefilm 'Ek Hai Nigar' is written by well-known playwright Umairah Ahmed Adnan Sarwar has directed the telefilm

Telefilm 'Ek Hai Nigar' has been co-produced by Nina Kashif and Mahira Khan while it be released under the banner of 'Soul Fry' Production House.

Actor Bilal Ashraf will also perform in the film playing the role of Mahira Khan's husband.

In the teasers released for 'Ek Hai Nigar', Mahira Khan was shown as a Lieutenant General Nigar, while a teaser also showed highlights of her marriage and joining the Pakistan Army on ARY Digital

Now team of the film has announced its date of release on Private TV Channel “ARY Digital”. As per social media posts, Mahira Khan and telefilm producer Nina Kashif, has confirmed that telefilm 'Ek Hai Nigar' will be released on 23 October 2021.

Story of Telefilm 'Ek Hai Nigar' is based on career and life of Lt. Gen. Nigar Johar which has mostly been shot at the Army Medical College Rawalpindi, moreover the film has been shot in other areas, including Abbottabad.

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