How a Normal Fan became Jigar Jalal

How a normal fan became Jigar Jalal


Jigar Jalal the follower of Singer Late Jalal Chandio who has achieved fame after singing old Indian and Pakistani songs in own unique tunes

Nabi Bakhsh Chandio aka Jigar Jalal belongs to District Larkana. He is fan of Late Jalal Chandio and used to listen him since childhood. He met with Singer Late Jalal Chandio at the age of 10 years during the urs of Hakim Shah on Shahdadkot-Larkana Road. Later, he listened him during mela where he got interest to sing like Late Jalal Chandio and used to sing his songs in school.

During the school life, he prepared chapri from covers of bottles and yaktaro from a stick and a rubber and used to sings the songs of Jalal Chandio infront of his friends. His cousin also used to sing and get teachings of singing from a music club of Larkana. Jigr Jalal also used to attend the music club with him since he requested his cousin that he is also desirous to become a singer like Late Jalal Chandio but his cousin refrained him. However, Jigr Jalal requested her mother for permission for becoming singer.

After getting permission from his parents, Jigr Jalal started to get teachings of music in the same music club from Ustad Imdad Ali Maganhar and Anwar Ali Sheikh. He gradually got teachings of music and started to sing in local functions. He became so famous in the area that locals started to call him Nandho Jalal (Little Jalal).

During the death anniversary of Ghaibi Khan Chandio, Late Jalal Chandio was invited however Nandho Jalal (Jigar Jalal) was also present in the event, where he met with Late Jalal Chandio for the second time. Later, he used to sing during the urs of different Sufis and got companionship of Late Jalal Chandio. Subsequently, he became a formal singer as student of Late Jalal Chandio. His love with Late Jalal Chandio, his friends and fans later started to call him as Jigar Jalal.

He has released more than one hundred audio cassettes and CDs and achieved fame within Sindh as well Balochistan. Jigar Jalal has also sung for a Sindhi Film “Jeay Latif” which has been appreciated locally very much. During 2018 Jigar Jalal has also sung ko ko korina in his infinite tune which led him to the peak of popularity at national as well as international level. Later, he released many songs of Urdu and Punjabi in his own tune like lathay di chadar, naey kapray badal kar jaoon kahan. He has sung in Sindhi, Urdu, Punjabi, Siraiki and other languages of country.

During Aug 2019, Jigar Jalal alongwith his son Aftab, nephew Ameer and his companions were kidnapped from Karampur area of District Shikarpur. The dacoits demanded from him for 1 crore rupees. Later, his fans started campaign on social, moreover, singers of Sindh made efforts for his release. Subsequently, local police intervened their kidnapping and started operation in the area during which one DSP Rao Shafiullah and his subordinate official embraced Shahadat whereas another constable got injured during the operation. Later, the police started a grand operation and got released Jigar Jalal alongwith his companions.

Jigar Jalal is politically with Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and usually swings PPP’s flag on his vehicle. He has also sung a critic song against Prime Imran Khan titled as NRO Na doonga.  

During the month of September 2021, Jigar Jalal became of victim of dengue fever which attacked his liver resultantly he started blood vomiting. His health condition was so deteriorated that he got admitted in hospital for four weeks. However, he later he got recovered from the illness and now a days he is surviving a good health.

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