Earn Online on Amazon Business site with Zero Credit


Earn Online on Amazon Business site with Zero Credit

Everybody should change their business mind after launching of Amazon the biggest business site platform in the world

We had written the advantages for the rural areas after starting of Amazon in Pakistan. We had illustrated the rules and modus operandi for opening of our shop on Amazon. It is hoped the article written by Suhni Sindh must had been helpful for our visitors.

Now we are here illustrating the method of online earning on Amazon without any investment

How to earn on Amazon in Pakistan without Investment

Amazon has provided a platform to the people who cannot invest for starting their business. Amazon provides credit for rupees 200 through platform on opening of their account in Amazon.

People who cannot invest any penny for their business, but Amazon provides them credit for Rs 200 to start their business from the amazon platform Amazon Club. These people will receive free credit in their account and will start their online business on mobiles or laptop etc after opening their account in Amazon Club

How to Open account in Amazon club and Receive Credit For Rs 200

Desirous persons will open their account from their mobile, laptop etc on business site Amazon Club and will create their account through their mob number.

After opening the account, Rs 200 will automatically be credited to their account and credit will be shown in total assets on main dashboard of their account.

To open amazon club business site account, Click here 

How to Earn from Rs 200 Credit Amount on Amazon Business Site

After opening the account we can see our dashboard with the following information

A Unique Id of User on Amazon Club

Recharge Button

Withdraw Button

Total Assets showing credit in the account

Today’s Earning

Cumulative Earning

Yesterday’s Earning

Different Categories of Shops for grabbing Orders on Amazon Business site Club

While viewing categories of shop, it can be viewed that membership levels have been given from Level 0 to Level 6. These membership levels have been categorized according to the investment for business and commission percentage. Detail of these levels is as under:-

Member Level 0           =       Credit upto Rs 200 with 0.30% commission for food items

Member Level 1           =       Credit upto Rs 500 with 0.40% commission for jewelry items

Member Level 2           =       Credit upto Rs 3000 with 0.50% commission for clothes items

Member Level 3           =       Credit upto Rs 10000 with 0.60 commission for cosmetic items

Member Level 4           =       Credit upto Rs 30000 with 0.65% commission for digital items

Member Level 5           =       Credit upto Rs 50000 with 0.70% commission for gold items

Member Level 6           =       Credit upto Rs 50000 with 0.70% commission for luxury items

From the above membership level we can observe that we have Credit only Rs 200 in our assets so we can grab our orders from level 0 i.e food items on daily basis.

Bonus to 0 Level Members

It is pertinent to mention that Amazon pay additional Rs 5 to 0 Level Members after grabbing 20 orders on daily basis. This bonus will also assist to increase the credit in our assets on Amazon.

How to upgrade Membership Level in Amazon Club Business Site

The individuals are who desirous to upgrade their membership level, then they can upgrade their level after recharging the amount into their assets. If you are not desirous to recharge amount then membership level be upgraded after reaching your assets as per prescribed limit of level.

How to credit amount in assets on Amazon Club Business Site.

Click on the recharge button of main dashboard of Amazon Club which will open a new window. Subsequently, you can recharge amount to assets of your Amazon Club account. This will also change the level of your membership with Amazon Club business site.

How to withdraw amount from Amazon Assets Credits

Click on withdraw button being shown on amazon club dashboard which will lead to new window. In this window fill in the amount to be withdrawn and other details of account then click on "withdraw application" button. Subsequently, amount will be credited into your account.

We can withdraw from Amazon Club credit from Rupees 700/- to Rupees 100,000/- It must be noted that atleast Rupees 200/- will be left in credit of Amazon Club assets after withdrawal for grabbing orders on Amazon Club business site.

It is highlighted that we can withdraw our amount from amazon Club through bank account as well as Jazz Cash account or Easypaisa account. 

Just Click on change button being shown infront of bank later we can see and select option of Jazz Cash and Easypaisa account.

Other features and Tabs of Amazon Club business site

My Tab

Recharge and Withdraw Buttons which have already been illustrated earlier in the article.

Membership Level. We can see details of our membership level. Membership level has already been explained earlier in this article.

Authentication. In this button we shall authenticate our account and bank account after filling up prescribed fields.

Withdraw.  As already explained in this article

Wallet.        Wallet shows the balance record of our amazon account.

Customer Service.       We can discuss our issues on WhatsApp or  Telgram through this service. Customer service is available 24/7 for discussing any issue. It is pertinent to mention that custom service numbers given on Amazon club on Pakistani numbers. Since users can easily in English or roman Urdu as per convenience.  

App Download:  Amazon club has provided facility to use Amazon club app for mobile users so that it can be easily operated.

Team Tab

Amazon Club business site provides facility for the users to make their teams and get bonuses after achieving team members.

In this tab we can find our invitation code and link for making teams on Amazon club business site.

Financial Tab

Financial tab shows credit of our assets and number of products.

Order Tab

Order Tab shows daily earning history of grabbed orders.

It is pertinent to mention that Amazon Club business site is so far authenticated platform for online earning within Pakistan. Technical persons have also observed the website and claimed that this site will not be scammed in next 3-4 years.

Therefore, it is recommended that every person should earn from this business site and make earning. In case any individual can afford investment then credit the amount in this business site so that he can earn more amount.

To Open account on amazon business site Click here












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