Sheikh Rasheed Worried on Changing of Gender by Pakistanis


Sheikh Rasheed Worried on Changing of Gender by Pakistanis

Pakistani men have submitted applications in NADRA to change gender on CNIC

It has revealed that Pakistani men have given applications to NADRA for changing their gender from male to female. Moreover, huge number of the females have submitted to change their gender from female to male.

Reports have surfaced that approximately 16500 applications are pending with NADRA which have been submitted by Pakistani men to change their gender from male to female.

As per reports, from the year 2018 till 2021, NADRA has received 28723 applications from Pakistani men for changing the gender.

In this regards, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has produced his written statement in the Senate on the question by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed.

Sheikh Rasheed has further revealed in the statement that 12154 females have submitted their applications to change their gender from female to male.

Sheikh Rasheed has added in statement that 9 transgender persons have submitted application to register themselves as transgender.

He clarified that NADRA never issues certificate to anybody for changing his gender. However, NADRA only updates the data of any person who is accidently or naturally converted to next gender.

Sheikh Rasheed showed his concerns over such applications being received to NADRA and he said that he as well as NADRA authorities are worried on such situation.

Changing of gender in Pakistan has been viewed after the passing of bill Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2018 during 2018. The gender is converted only in documents keeping in view this bill. However, In European region reassignment of sex now a days has become trend and changing of gender is not new in the world and this act is being done since a century.

The first male had changed himself male to female during 1930. His name was Lili Elbe and he was belonging to USA. However, he died after three months of his last operation.

Afterwards, Christine Jorgensen had received sex reassignment from male to female during 1952. Urologist Doctor Elmer Belt of Loss Angels was the first surgeon who performed surgeries for reassignment of gender from 1950 to 1968. Subsequently, hospitals were opened for reassignment of genders and John Hopkins University opened their first sex reassignment university in USA.

During 1997, serving lady of Canadian Forces namely Sergeant Sylvia Durand transmitted from female to male. In this regard, Canadian forces changed her name to Sylvia and her gender was entered as male on her documents. She remained on significant appointments in Canadian Army till her retirement in 2012.

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