Hareem Shah Openly Talks about Her Controversial Activities


Hareem Shah Openly Talks about Her Controversial Activities

TikTok Star Hareem Shah discovered all stories as well as achieved people's thoughts after giving an exclusive interview

TikTok Star Hareem Shah gave an exclusive interview in a YouTube Channel Program “To Be Honest”. During the program she openly spoke about her controversial incidents, her future plans as well as slammed politicians.

In opening, Tabish Hashmi, host of the show introduced Hareem Shah as Iqrar Ul Hassan of Women and said that her videos are not released instead these are leaked.

Introduction of Hareem Shah by Herself

In the start of interview, in answer to question asked about the reason for changing her name the TikToker said that the reason of changing name was to hide her identity.

She revealed that she is student of M.Phil and still studying. She said that she doing this degree so that she can be called as Doctor Hareem Shah.

Introducing about herself, Hareem Shah said that she is bluffer, brave, fearless, brazen and no one can rule over her.

She said that she has planned very much professions but neither any started nor completed.

While telling about her personal life, Hareem Shah said she belongs to a villager family. She has studied in a university and lived in its hostel with the permission of her parents.

The star said that her friend at hostel insisted her to prepare video on a app.

She said that she did not know even name of this app and could not prepare videos.

She said that she was not believing that she will become so famous through this video.

TikToker Hareem said that she do not want any boy at this stage and she has not thought about any boy.

In answer to a question, TikToker Hareem Shah revealed that no man has threatened her till to date. However, she was threatened by one her friend, who has sued her and she will lessen her so horrible that she will remember for the rest of her life.

As per Hareem Shah, she is not afraid of threats. If anyone tells her anything, she will take legal action.

The TikToker said that she has visited many countries and expenses of her all visits have been borne by companies or other people.

She said that her friends are her enemies as they have ever cheated her.

How to earn money from TikTok

In answer to question about earning money from TikTok, Hareem Shah replied that TikTok does not pay any amount. However, other companies and people hire and give payments to the TikTokers on promotional works after becoming famous on TikTok app.

She said that after becoming famous on TikTok, a company called her to Dubai and appointed her as brand ambassador. She said that she was paid Rs 600000/- (six lac rupees) for the first time for this job and she excited very much while receiving this payment.

Hareem Shah said that her first TikTok account was blocked after her video of viral video of Sheikh Rasheed. Her second TikTok account was also removed from TikTok. She said that now she has prepared Third time her TikTok account and holds 6 Million followers.

Hareem Shah revealed that “Snack Video” and “Likee” are paying on contributing in the apps.

She said that Snack Video has paid her Rs 485000/- (four lac eighty five thousand) to work on the app.

Revelations about Controversial Events

TikTok star Hareem Shah said that she has secrets of people that no one can know, but she has not done what she wants to do.

Hareem Shah also slammed the politicians and said that almost all the politicians are flirtatious. They do not even realize their dignity and responsibilities.

Hareem Shah surprised while saying that politicians are flirtatious that’s why they are sitting on top seats.

She renounced from naming any politician, but said that these persons have not realization of their responsibilities and they do not care about their people.

She exampled Jamaat-e-Islami and said that politicians of this party of are good and noble person since JI has not yet come in power.

The TikToker said that actors, TV anchorpersons, journalists and showbiz personalities are better than politicians as they care for their self-respect.

Talking about her friend Sandal Khattak, Hareem Shah said that Sandal Khattak is her good friend as well as she is a good girl. She said that she has never used Sandal Khattak, however she faces ever criticism due to her.

Hareem Shah says that Waqar Zaka is her best friend and he is nice person off the screen as well.

She said that she had made video Sheikh Rasheed for enjoyment only and no any other aim was rolled out for it.

Favourite Selfie

TikTok Star Hareem Shah said that her favourite picture taken till today was while taking with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

She said that she is supporter of PTI, however she had gone Imran Khan’s residence at Bani Gala with her friend to attend a function.

She said that on taking picture with Prime Minister Imran Khan, he did not say anything but other told her a lot.

Entry in Foreign Ministry

An answer about entry in Foreign Ministry, Hareem Shah said that she had granted permission for entering in the Foreign Ministry office.

The host questioned whether Fiaz Ul Hassan Chohan had granted permission her for entering in foreign ministry office. Hareem Shah said that Fiaz Ul Hassan Chohan cannot go himself how he will give permission her.

Sheikh Rasheed himself gave his phone number

While discussing the story of Sheikh Rasheed, Hareem Shah she had met with Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid during a function of her friend. She had introduced herself with Sheikh Rasheed as his fan.

After which Sheikh Rasheed said Hareem Shah if she had his contact number. Later, Sheikh Rasheed himself gave his own number and asked to give him a 'Miss Call'.

Hareem Shah also called Sheikh Rasheed during the program and he picked up her call, however asked her to speak later. On which Hareem Shah insisted Sheikh Rasheed to talk now. Later, Home Minister scolded her and hung up the phone saying 'Stop nonsense'.

Hareem Shah also called Mufti Abdul Qavi during the program, however, his assistant pickup call instead of Mufti Abdul Qavi.

Hareem Shah clarified that she had not met Farooq Sattar of MQM Pakistan by chance but Farooq Sattar himself had invited Hareem Shah.

It is pertinent to mention that photos of the meeting between Farooq Sattar and Hareem Shah had gone viral and MQM Pakistan leader had claimed that they had met accidently and it was not a planned meeting

Mubashir Luqman was given plane by Malik Riaz

Hareem Shah claimed during the program that Malik Riaz had given a plane to anchorperson Mubashir Luqman.

 As per TikToker, she tried that people should reveal that from where a plane came to an anchorperson. That’s why Mubashir Luqman got angry with her. Hareem said that his wife also got annoyed with her.

If any controversial video of Hareem Shah is leaked

Hareem Shah said that she has made videos of many people but he has not done anything wrong from which she is afraid. At the moment she said that in case any video of her is leaked, she would ask people to enjoy while watching it.

Which is favorite political party of Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah said that whenever she gets chance to join any political party, she would select Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

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She said that she likes PPP due to Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari while she declared herself as fan of PPP’s Chairman.

TikTok Star said that Bilawal Bhutto is the most unique person as well as she likes his style very much.

Whether Hareem Shah is desirous to Perform in Films

Hareem Shah revealed that a filmmaker had offered her to perform in a film with a dance performance as well as made several inappropriate demands.

Without naming any filmmaker Hareem Shah revealed that she was asked that she would be given a chance if she may learn dance.

Hareem Shah further discovered that the filmmaker had told her that she would have to wear semi-nude clothes in the film, in which her belly and waist should be visible therefore; she rejected the offer of the film.

Hareem Shah called herself as a fat woman and said that she cannot sing or dance items in movies and it would be inappropriate for her

What does say Hareem Shah about Feminism

Hareem Shah also spoke openly about 'Women's March' and 'Feminism' during the program.

She said that Islam has given the most rights and privileges to women since she is against the slogan of “mera jism meri marzi'.

The TikToker said that in case a woman does not like to heat husband's food and wash his clothes after marriage, then such woman should not get married.

According to Hareem Shah, the husband is 'virtual god' of a woman since it is her duty to serve and respect him. In case she cannot do so, then such woman is cursed and she should remain virgin for life.

It is highlighted that viewers have appreciated the talking style of TikTok Star and valued her answers without any hesitation. Her interview has been gone viral on YouTube and the video has achieved upto 600K views till now.

Viewers have also discussed her style and views about feminism as well as stories exposed by her.

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