An Other Call Video of Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rasheed Went Viral

An Other Call Video of Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rasheed Went Viral


Video of controversial TikToker, model and actress Hareem Shah and Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed went viral on social media.

The video is teaser of Talk Show “'To Be Honest', being released on YouTube on 24 November 2021. TikToker Hareem Shah can be seen as guest in the video.

It can be seen short teaser that host of the show asks Hareem Shah if she may call Home Minister Sheikh Rasheed what would happen? Hareem Shah says that she would call him and then see what happens?

Hareem Shah starts dialing number of Home Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed from her personal mobile. In the meantime the tiktoker also displays the screen of her mobile and it can be seen that she has saved number of Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed as “Sheikhu”.

It can be seen in the teaser video that Sheikh Rasheed picks up the call of TikToker Hareem Shah and immediately asks her to call him later. However, Hareem Shah insists Sheikh Rasheed to talk now.

 On insistence of Hareem Shah, Interior Minister scolds Hareem Shah and tells her in a robust tone, "Stop nonsense", "Bakwas band karien".

It can be seen in the teaser video that Hareem Shah laughs and discontinues call after receiving a rebuke from the Home Minister.

Truthfulness of the video cannot be predicted posted by Hareem Shah on her Instagram account however, all the facts will be clarified after its release on 24 November 2021 and appearance TikTok Star Hareem Shah.

Even before this video, Hareem Shah has been talking about the Home Minister and one video of her phone call to Sheikh Rasheed had also gone viral in the past

Hareem Shah had also claimed regarding marriage by her one friend with Sheikh Rasheed.

Similarly, once she had also declared Sheikh Rasheed as her brother while once she had suggested Home Minister to get marry and had claimed that she was not getting married because of him.

However, till  today, Home Minister Sheikh Rasheed has not given any clarifications or answers on Hareem Shah's claims and statements.

It is highlighted that Hareem Shah is known for her controversial statements, videos and claims since she is known as 'Scandal Star'.

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