Mathira Openly Talks about the Reason of her Divorce


Mathira Openly Talks about the Reason of her Divorce

Model, actress and host Mathira said that not only she did things at home and her husband that but she did whatsoever, she should not have done to save her marriage

Famous Model and Actress Mathira recently appeared on ARY's program “Hamaray Mehman”, During which she spoke openly for the first time about her divorce. Despite this, she preferred to keep many topics a private matter and keep them secret.

She also talked about her family, however at the same time Mathira said that she is a public figure but she always keep her family as private and she cannot talk about them.

As per Mathira, Pakistani nation is not so much tolerant that bring out all the details of family. Therefore, if she uncovers the issues of her parents and home culture, only 10% people would support her whereas remaining 90% community would blame her.

Mathira said that she faced many difficulties after coming to Pakistan from Zimbabwe due to lack of knowledge of language and traditions.

Mathira said that Pakistani consider wroing while calling anyone calls 'Jano' or 'Darling' moreover, people here do not even understand the issue of dress.

She also surfaced that she does not wear Pakistani designers’ designers.

She criticized that she wears T-shirts like other showbiz women people criticize only her make controversial and undue activity

Mathira also spoke openly about marriage during the program and said that she had loved her husband emotionally so much that she also endured violence and ridicule to save her love and marriage.

She said that due to her she believed that her husband will not leave her at all.

Talking further about married life, she also spoke about attitude of the husband's parents, especially mothers that mothers should not believe that she will lose her son after his marriage.

Mathira said that she deviated from the plans after marriage and she did housework.

The actress said that she had already thought that she would do anything for saving her married life but eventually she got divorced.

The actress and host revealed that after divorce her financial situation had deteriorated and despite requesting people for assistance, she was not helped.

she said that used to remain hungry for many days and would spend only one meal  in day during poverty days. She used to travel in rickshaws as well as move by foot due to non-availability of money and vehicle.

She also advised the women to end their relationships in case matters are not resolving and there is greed or humiliation. She further said that women should not believe that ending relationships will also end their life.

Actress and host Mathira said that she faced violence and ridicule to save he married life, subsequently, she was mentally enslaved.


Mathira did not discover the exact reason of her divorce however, it is could be predicted from her discussion that main reason of separation between her and her husband was not accepting by her in-laws as well as rude attitude by her in-laws.

Background of Mathira

Mathira born on 25 Feb 1992 at African country of Zimbabwe.  Her father is well known politician of Zimbabwe whereas her mother belongs Pakistan.  

Mathira came to Pakistan with her mother during 2004 after separation between her parents.

Mathira started her showbiz career during 2011 as model after coming in Pakistan. She married with Punjabi singer Farrab J Mirza during 2014. She got divorce during 2018 and she has a son.

Mathira has ever been known as bold actress and faced controversy during her showbiz career. She is also famous for wearing bold dresses during different acting debuts and shows.

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