Mithiani Town, History, Statistics and Problem Areas

Mithiani Town, History, Statistics and Problem Areas


Mithiani Town, an Important Town but ever overlooked

Mithiani is a town located in the east of Naushahro Feroze and North of New Jatoi Town and Moro city. The city is 15 kms away from Naushahro Feroze whereas approx 25 kms away from Moro city. Subsequently it is connected with all major cities of Sindh and Pakistan through National Highway (N-5). The town is situated on right bank of Indus River.

History of Mithiani Town

Mithiani Town was established during Kalhora dynasty and it was reportedly to be named after Saiyed Mitha Shah.

As per the Sindh Gazetteer 1876, Mithiani Town was a small village and its population was consisted of 986 souls. The village consisted of 302 houses and 66 shops. Muslim community was in majority whereas the Hindus were also settled in minority.

The area had no road or track connection with major cities like Hyderabad and Sukkur. Yet, there was a dockyard for the ferries travelling between Sukkur and Hyderabad cities. This Dockyard was also located infront of Paat Sharif (a historic town of District Dadu) on either (left) bank of Indus River. inhabitants of District Dadu also used to utilize Mithiani dockyard being nearest point to transport goods Hyderabad and Sukkur. Since, its strategic location on Indus River, Mithiani was considered as transit point for export and import to Afghanistan and Rajputana.

Inhabitants of other neighbouring cities like Moro and Nausharo Feroze also used to utilize dockyard of Mithiani for export and import to major cities of Sindh and other as well as travel to acquire qualification from main cities of Sindh.


Due to its location near right bank Indus River, the town was prone to floods since, a massive bund between the river and town was constructed during 1920 to avoid flood threats.

The town was provided railway line in British era connecting the town with main Railway Junctions of Tharushah and Moro cities. The railway station is defunct since 1992, after suspending the trains for all minor cities and towns during the Nawaz Sharif governance.

Statistics of Mithiani Town

Population of Mithiani town is 97734 as per statistics of census 2017.

Main source of livelihood of Mithiani town is agricultural since its establishment. Construction work, electric works, wood work and other small skill business have also been adopted now a days by the people of Mithiani. 

Education System of Mithiani Town

During the British government, the local Hindu community established first English medium school during first half of 20th century as they were more supportive to secular education than Muslims, who were more persuaded towards religious education. The school was part of the series of schools established by Bhiria Education society, under the sponsorship of BES.

There is one Boys High School, Girls High School, Boys Middle School and 3 Primary Schools in Mithiani Town. Besides some schools in private sectors are functioning in the town. There is no College for higher education due to which boys as well as girls have to go other cities to acquire qualification onward matriculation. 

Establishment of Elementary College College

During 1883, Teachers Training College was constructed to promote Sindhi language as well as for giving teachings to newly teachers. Its demonstration hall was constructed during 1893. 

Later, the college was given status of elementary college and qualification for JST and PST were provided to the youngsters and newly recruited primary or junior school teachers. Students Hostel with its unique and modern design and other required buildings of the were constructed during 1979. 

Elementary College Mithiani was got approved and registered from HEC during 1999. Curriculum of the college was also changed from one year to two years and four years training and students clearing the exam is being given equal to Bachelors qualification as ADE (for two years study) and B.Ed (Hons) (for four years study).

Sindhi language is primarily spoken in the town besides Siraiki is the main language of Mithiani Town Sindhi is the primary language of the town whereas Seraiki is the second most spoken in the area. Moreover, Balochi, Brahivi, Punjabi ad Pushto languages are meagerly spoken in the town.

There is only one basic health unit in the town however; some local doctors / health clinics are available in private sector.

Municipality services and one post office are also functional in the town. Only one bank i.e United Bank Limited (UBL) provides banking service to the town.

Mithiani town is politically covered in NA-212 (Naushahro Feroze-II) and PS-35 (Naushahro Feroze-III) whereas; MNA Zulfiqar Ali Behan (PPP) and MPA Mumtaz Ali Chandio (PPP) are sitting members in National Assembly and Sindh Assembly respectively.

One Police Station exist in Mithiani however, law & order situation of Mithiani Town and neighbouring villages is satisfactory due to proactive approach by the police.

Problem Areas of Mithiani Town

Area of Mithiani town politically plays important role for the political leaders due to its surrounding villages’ population. But, the statistics of Mithiani Town shows that this town has ever been overlooked and no major facility has been provided to town.

No development work has been executed in the town except a Bypass road connecting to the roads of Tharushah and Moro. The bypass Road was constructed during 2017.

Education is prime right of every citizen but there is not facility for higher education in the town. Therefore, poor people are unable to grant education to their children especially to girls.

There have been many cases of death due to non-availability of sustainable medical facility in Mithiani Town. Only one rural health center is provided by government however, there is no major facility in the health center.

Electricity in Mithiani as well as neighboring villages is equal to null. Only 6 to 8 hours electricity is available in the town and its neighboring villages. Therefore, maximum shopkeepers of towns and villages have diverted themselves to solar energy system.

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