Indian Government awards Pilot Abhinandhan despite Defeat


Indian Government awards Pilot Abhinandhan despite Defeat

India awards third highest Military Honor to Abhinandhan despite he failed in mission due to shot down by Pakistan Air Force in Feb 2019.

As per Indian newspaper 'The Indian Express', Abhinandan has just received the third highest level honor of the Indian Army Veer Chakra, followed by Parem Veer Chakra at number one and Maha Chakra at number two.

Abhinandan received the medal from Indian President Ram Nath Kavand during awards ceremony at Indian Capital New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also attended at the ceremony.

As per reports, Abhinandan has also recently been promoted from Wing Commander to the rank of Group Captain.

As per India, he shot down Pakistani Military F-16, but it has been described by Pakistan, independent observers and the international media as untrue.

Referring to the award, Indian Express wrote that Abhinandan still stood bravely in front of enemy without compromising his safety and discharged his duties in an astonishing manner.

Besides Abhinandan his unit 51 Squadron was also awarded during the ceremony.

In reaction to the news, Pakistan Peoples Party Vice President Sherry Rehman tweeted, “Is this real that he awarded for taking tea in Pakistani custody? She further said its opposite of reality.

Prime Minister Imran Khan's focal person for digital media Arsalan Khalid wrote Prime Ministers Narendra Modi awards Abhinandan after every month just to memorize defeat.

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistani people had arrested Indian pilot Abhinandan and handed over Pak Army but Pakistan had sent him back home showing goodwill.

 Abhinandan is son of a former Indian pilot who got commission as fighter pilot during 2004. He was arrested on 27 Feb 2019.

Local people of Azad Kashmir had captured Abhinandan before crashing of his plane crashed and was later handed over to Pakistan Army personnel.

Videos were released after the incident showing military personnel still holding Nandan in safe custody from civilians.

Later, ISPR released a video in which Indian pilot Abhinandan was present in friendly atmosphere with Pakistani military personnel and he admitted that he was treated very well.

Abhinandan had admitted in the video that Pakistani military persons took good care of him and he had said he not change his statement after return to his country.

He was later deported back to India from Wagha Border, Lahore on 1 March 2019 in a spirit of goodwill.

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