Sakhi Jam Datar, Whose Generosity Benefits the World



History of Syed Ali Asghar Shah (Sakhi Jam Datar), who devoted his life for the sake of Islam

Suhni Sindh is ever known as land of Sufis and saints, where many saints have been come from different regions as well as born. These great persons have given teachings of Islam and sacrificed their lives for sake of Allah. Amongst these saints, one saint Hazrat Syed Asghar Ali Shah known as “Sakhi Jam Daatar” is famous in the world.

Location of Shrine

The shrine of Syed Asghar Ali Shah  alias Sakhi Jam Datar is located approximately 20 kilometers in East of Shaheed Benazirabad (Nawab Shah) city at Jam Sahib Town. This town is also named with name of this saint.

History and Preach of Islam

The family tree of Sakhi Jam Dataar is driven from the family of Hazrat Imam Jaffar Sani of Hazrat Iman Naqi. Sakhi Jam Dataar reached Uch Sharif (Sindh) with the businessmen of horses relating to Basra. After living some time at Uch Sharif, he reached at current location i.e Jam Sahib Town through Indus River.

On Arrival of Jam Datar at his current location, he started preaching of Islam. He faced many troubles due to non-Muslim governor Raja Sangrasi. But Jam Datar did not give up his struggles.

Atleast Raja Sangrasi impressed from Jam Datar and he accepted Islam. He renamed himself Ghulam Muhiyuddin after accepting Islam. Relics of Raja Ghulam Mohiyuddin’s grave were also available near the shrine of Jam Dataar. But these were eliminated after reconstruction of Jam Datar’s shrine during 1993.

Jam Dataar travelled for Thar Desert, India (Jaisar and Rajasthan) and Khirthar mountains for preach of religion. Ruins of Jam Dataar’s stay are available at Jaisar and Rajasthan till today.

Assassination of Jam Dataar

Anti-Islam community had not liked Jam Dataar due to his love with Allah and Ahlul bayt, since they had planned to assassinate Jam Dataar. Therefore, they had assassinated Shah Hussain Bukhari, Syed Ibrahim Shah Bukhari and many other saints believing Syed Asghar Ali aka Jam Datar during his travelling for preach of Islam.

When, he reached near Thariro (Present Gochani), he faced armed persons’ group of anti-Islam community. Subsequently he accepted assassination for sake of Allah.


Before his assassination, Jam Dataar was sure that he will be assassinated. Since he had given will to her followers to load her dead body on his camel and he may be buried at the place where camel may sit down. Subsequently, he was buried at current location. Grave of the camel is also visible in the courtyard of Jam Datar’s shrine till today.

Celebration of Annual Urs

His urs is celebrated every year on 3rd to 5th Rabi Ul Awal. Exhibitions of agricultural products, livestock bulls’ race, camels’ race, kabadi, and many events are organized during the urs of Jam Datar. Sindh Government also provide during the urs days.

Belief of Followers

Jam Dataar is famous for providing rehabilitation to mentally ill patients or persons attacked by ghosts. As per the faith of his followers, mentally ill patients or ghost attacked person are being left here by their parents.

These persons are left duly locked with iron chain. Subsequently, they got treated spiritually and their locks are opened automatically when they become healthy.

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