Fans Troll Actress Alizeh Shah Over her Different Act

Fans Troll Actress Alizeh Shah Over her Different Act


Fans seems to be divided after seeing smoking video of Alizeh Shah's, where some trolled her as well

Actress Alizeh Shah, who is famous for her lively performance in the drama industry, is often criticized on social media and is one of the top trends on Pakistan's trend panel.

Alizeh Shah is still on the top trends in Pakistan. Main reason for her smoking video has gone viral on social media.

After going video viral, large number of social media users are posting different comments and were seen divided on smoking activity the actress.

Some consumers say that smoking is a personal act of anyone. Some of fans have said that large number of people likes her and she should not do things that hurt their feelings.

One user said that Alizeh Shah does such things only to get people's attention.

Social Media User Shayan Ali said that if a man smokes no person has any issue but if a lady start smoking every Pakistani raise issues and lose their control.

One user gave comments that Alizeh Shah is inspired by Thomas Shelby

Another twitter user wrote in post that he thinks that Alizeh Shah has been inspired from Nasaaz.

One lady user written in her post that new charsi has emerged town.

Another social media user said that she is smoking for promoting Gold Leaf Cigarette. 


It is highlighted that Actress Alizeh Shah has ever remained on top trend due to her different activities and she has remained top trend on social media after going viral her videos and photos.

Her video after cutting her hairs had also gone viral on social media and her fans had trolled her on social media for cutting her hairs. Afterwards, she had worn bold dress during award ceremony organized at Lahore.

Alizeh Shah had performed in famous dramas and her drama “Ehd-e-Wafa” aired on HUM TV became famous in drama industry as well as performance of Alizeh Shah was liked by her fans very much.

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