Fans Troll Ayesha Omar again on bold dance on Indian Item Song


Fans Troll Ayesha Omar again on bold dance on Indian Item Song

Ayesha Umar faces controversy after dancing on Indian Itom Song “Muni Badnam Hui darling tere lye”

Actress Ayesha Omar who has acquired from ARY’s comedy drama “Bulbulay” is also known as bold star of the country.

The actress recently performed on Bollywood Item song “Munni Badnam Hui” during the wedding ceremony of her friend at Karachi.

Ayesha Umar had worn sleeveless dress “Lahenga” during the program. She performed dancing on the Indian Item song. Two of her dance partners also picked up her on shoulders during performance.

Video of Ayesha Omar went viral on social media, while most her fans started trolling her and started negative comments on the video post of Ayesha Omar.

Most of her fans gave criticized her and said that now it has become necessity of Pakistani showbiz industry. Some fans criticized her directly and gave abusive remarks about her.

One social media lady asked in the comments, how much amount Ayesha Umar receives for one program in the wedding events.

At moment, Ayesha Omar also became part of the post and gave comments that she does not dance in exchange of money, but she was invited in wedding ceremony of her friend.

She further wrote that she has perform said dance with utmost dance and one piece of broken bangle hit on his left foot but she did not stop dance, even some drops of bloods also dripped down.

Other showbiz personalities like like Azfar Rehman and Ali Rehman Khan also attended the same event.

It is highlighted that Ayesha Omar has every face criticism for her bold dress and controversial activities.

Recently, she had faced a lot controversy after her bold photo shooting with Cricketer Shoaib Malik.

Sania Mirza wife Shoaib Malik also showed annoyance after the going viral their photos and showed anger during an event held at Pakistan where Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza and Ayesha Omar were present.

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