Hareem Shah clarifies about marriage with MPA Sindh



Hareem Shah confesses the fact behind claim regarding marriage with PPP member and minister of Sindh Assembly.

TikTok star Hareem Shah admitted that she had claimed for marriage with to Pakistan People's Party (PPP) member Sindh Assembly and provincial minister in June 2021 to make a fuss.

Hareem Shah had claimed that she had married with an MPA of Sindh Assembly on June 28. She had also said that her valeema would be arranged in Karachi after celebrating honeymoon in Turkey.

After her claim with marriage to a member of Sindh Assembly, stir had raised within media platform as well as PPP members of Sindh Assembly had also given explanations regarding the claim by TikTok star.

However, Hareem Shah has not now admitted that she had made claim regarding marriage of Sindh Assembly member was only a fuss and get attention of media and public.

Hareem Shah recently gave an interview to 'Urdu Point' in which she appeared with her husband Bilal Shah.

After becoming the claim regarding marriage with MPA, Hareem Shah had shared her video with Bilal Shah first time on her Instagram account in September 2021.

She had called Bilal Shah as her life in the video post as well as declared him as her husband after but media did not pay attention on her claim.

But, now TikToker Hareem Shah and Bilal Shah have given an interview together to the Urdu Point and claimed that they got married few months ago this year.

Bilal Shah said also clarified during the interview that they have also blood relationship and he is actually resident of District Mansehra of KPK Province.

Bilal Shah said that he is now settled in Karachi and they have married with the consent of their elders.

During the interview, Bilal Shah said that he is thankful of Allah that he has been blessed a beautiful, virtuous, compassionate, transparent and caring wife.

In Answer to a question, Bilal Shah said to have only two children but her wife Hareem Shah said that she wants a lot of children.

The TikTok Star said that she wants to make a cricket team from own kids as that is good woman who has more children, so she wants to have a lot of children.

Hareem Shah clarified that she had not made false claims regarding her marriage in June 2021, but she had made false claim regarding marriage with a member of Sindh belonging to Peoples Party.

She also clarified that she claimed regarding marriage with Sindh Assembly Member just for sake of fuss,

The TikToker claimed that her husband is also politician and he has relations with influential people but she does not want to claim at the moment.

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