Whether Actress Hiba Bukhari got Engaged?

Whether Actress Hiba Bukhari got Engaged?


Actress Hiba Bukhari clarified on Social Media that she has not yet got enaged

Actress Hiba Bukhari had shared photos of the ring exchange with actor Arez Ahmed on Instagram and called him life partner. But now has surfaced that she has not yet got engaged.

Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed shared identical photos on Instagram on 8 December 2021; they could be seen wearing rings in the photos.

Faces of both personalities are not visible in the shared photos. But, both shared photos mentioning each other and told the fans that they have decided to live together.

Although both had not clearly used the word "engagement". But they had talked to live together.

Hiba Bukhari shared photo of Arez Ahmed holding hands and wrote that she considers herself the safest person after being held by him.

The actress further wrote in the post that she is looking forward to live with Arez Ahmed and at the same time she thanked the actor for holding hands.

Similarly, Arez Ahmed also shared photo of Hiba Bukhari holding hands and asked her in a poetic manner, "Let's get married."

Arez Ahmed further wrote that "You met me like a miracle because love is a miracle".

After sharing photos by the both, people believed that they have engaged. Moreover several showbiz personalities congratulated them as well.

But, after 10 days, Hiba Bukhari has claimed that she has not yet engaged.

Hiba Bukhari while chatting with their fans on Instagram, a fan asked Hiba why she had not shared the engagement photos yet?  Hiba Bukhari replied  briefly that she has not yet engaged. However, the matter the families of Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed for their relationship has been settled.

After revelation by actress, many of her fans were shocked and were asking why the photos for wearing rings to each other were shared if the engagement was not done.

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