Meerub Ali Clarifies about her Relations with Asim Azhar


Meerub Ali Clarifies about her Relations with Asim Azhar

Model and actress Merab Ali who started acting debut in the mega cast military drama 'Sinf e Aahan', has clarified that singer Asim Azhar is neither her stepbrother nor her cousin

The model and actress also clarified in a recent interview with showbiz website Some Thing Hot when asked about her relationship with Asim Azhar, including her career.

The actress said that she started modeling in 2016 at the age of just 16 years and first gave a performance in singer Sajjad Ali's song after which she worked in various projects.

According to Merub Ali, she is known as a social media star and especially as an Instagram influencer, but she sees herself as a model and actress.

The actress said that Sana Shahnawaz, producer of 'Sinf e Ahan' had told Asim Azhar's mother Gul Rana that Merub Ali's resembles to Yumna Zaidi. Therefore, she wants to cast her in the play and then she approached her through Gul Rana for audition of the play.

Merub Ali said that Sana Shahnawaz asked for audition in front of director Nadeem Baig after which she was casted. She said that she has learned many things not only from the director but also from other cast including Yumna Zaidi.

Merub Ali said that she has spent most of her life abroad but she started his career from the country and she is sure that she will get the best roles according to her age.

Murub Ali also clarified during the program that neither Asim Azhar is her step-sibling nor they are cousins.

Merub Ali said that she and Asim Azhar know each other since childhood and they are best friends. She added that her brother and Asim Azhar are also good friends as well as their mothers are also best friends.

It is pertinent to mention news spread on social media in July 2021 regarding engagement of Merub Ali and Asim Azhar after the news regarding differences between Asim Azhar and Hania Amir.

Later, a rumors spread on social media with the fake ID of Asim Azhar that Merub Ali is like her sister.

However, Asim Azhar had soon termed the post as fake, however, he neither clarified regarding his engagement with Merub Ali nor explained his relationship with Merub Ali.

However, now Merab Ali has clarified in the interview that she and Asim Azhar neither are stepsiblings nor cousins.

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