Offers for Pakistanis for Rewards after Trading on Amazon Club


Offers for Pakistanis for Rewards after Trading on Amazon Club

Amazon Offers to Pakistanis for Rewards after trading on Amazon Club. We can earn online through the least investment in Amazon business site

In previous article we had intimated about the online earning through Amazon business site without any credit.

We had also illustrated briefly regarding business on the business site. We had also discussed method for opening of account on Amazon business site through Amazon Club.

We had also briefed about different levels of business through Amazon Club. We hope you must have understood it clearly.

However, Amazon has given some updates regarding business through Amazon Club. We are here illustrating these updates through this article.

Suspension of 0 Level Memberships on Amazon Club

Amazon business site has suspended Level 0 on Amazon club, due to embezzlement and opening of fake accounts.

Thus, we cannot grab orders on Amazon Club without any credit.

There have been some users who have already opened account without zero credit on zero level membership. They have also earned some profit from grabbing orders on Amazon club. They can use their earned profit after crediting amount in the Amazon Club.

Members, who have 0 Level memberships, can upgrade their membership to VIP 1 from "my" tab being shown on the bottom of application or website.

How much least credit should be in the Amazon Club to grab orders?

Members with 0 level membership are required Rs 500/- to upgrade their level to minimum VIP 1 membership.

In case zero level members have credit less than Rs 500 in Amazon business site. Then, they should credit their requisite amount to upgrade VIP 1 membership.

After upgrading the level there should be minimum Credit Rs 500/- in Amazon business site. Otherwise, even VIP one member cannot grab orders.

Apropos new members must credit Rs 1000/- to grab orders on Amazon Club.

Rewards announced by Amazon

Amazon has earned more than 10 Billion dollars through Amazon club during the year 2021.

To celebrate the task for earning more 10 Billion dollars, amazon has announced to give rewards to the Pakistani members of Amazon Club . Amazon will give reward on upgrading of their membership  from 13 December 2021 to 15 December 2021 .

This amount of reward will be given from 250 to Rs 100000/- in different membership levels. Details of reward to given are as under:-


Reward to the Member

Reward to the Team Incharge

Total Members to be paid

Members upgrade account upto VIP 1

Rs 250

Rs 100


Members upgrade account upto VIP 2

Rs 900

Rs 400


Members upgrade account upto VIP 3

Rs 3200

Rs 800


Members upgrade account upto VIP 4

Rs 7000

Rs 2000


Members upgrade account upto VIP 5

Rs 9000

Rs 3000


Members upgrade account upto VIP 6

Rs 15000

Rs 5000



Individuals upgrading the level upto VIP 2 will be rewarded Rs 900 as well as pay Rs 400/- as reward to the team incharge. 800000 VIP 2 members of amazon Club will be rewarded this amount.

Therefore, already registered members can earn above rewards after crediting the amount in amazon club. 

Above rewards will also be given to the members who open new account and become fresh members of Amazon Club on amazon business site.

It is highlighted that there no chances to scam this website for 2-3 years. So, we should start online business through Amazon club.

Click here to register on Amazon Club of Amazon business site

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