Dananeer Mubeen #Pawri Girl Chose Bilal Abbas for Wedding

Dananeer Mubeen #Pawri Girl Chose Bilal Abbas for Wedding


Dananeer Mubeen # Pawri Girl chose Bilal Abbas Khan for marriage

Pakistani internet sensational celebrity and actress Dananeer Mubeen (#Pawri Girl) has revealed that she will choose actor Bilal Abbas Khan for her wedding.

A short video of Dananeer Mubeen is going viral on social media in which she is answering a question about choosing options for three celebrities.

Dananeer Mubeen was given the options to choose three well-known actors. She was further asked to choose the person to whom she want to marry, kill and go for date?

In Answer to the question, Pawri Girl said that Ahad Raza Mir is already married, since she would like to kill him and will marry Bilal Abbas Khan.

Dananeer Mubeen said about about the third actor Shehryar Munawar that she would like to go on a date with him.

It is highlighted that Dananeer Mubeen is basically a Vloger. She achieved fame with her short video saying “Ye hamari car hai, ye hum hien aur ye hamari pawri ho rahi hai. This video of Dananeer Mubeen had gone viral over the world. Later, everybody including famous showbiz personality or politician was trying to make video with her style.

Dananeer Mubeen has also entered in acting debut after appearing in ARY’s drama Sinf e Ahan. The drama is being produced with assistance of ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations).

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