Who and When Released Sindhi Song Sahando kair Mayar

Who and When Released Sindhi Song Sahando kair Mayar


An old Sindhi national song, which we listen decades but do not know about its creation

Now a days celebrations of Ekta Day are being organized in whole Sindh province as well as Sindhi people settled abroad celebrate Culture day like every year. Sindh Culture day is celebrated on first Sunday December every year and Sindhi community arrange Culture Day rallies, national sports events, Mach Katchari and musical concerts and tableau shows in government or private schools.

During these events, Sindhi cultural and national anthems and songs are being played to show enthusiasm and devotion for the nation.

One of the old songs national songs is “ Sahando kair mayar, Sindhri ty sir ker na deendo “سھندو ڪير ميار، سنڌڙي تي سر ڪير نہ ڏيندو”. This song is usually played in national and cultural events of Sindh. Mostly all singers of Sindh has sung this is song and showed his love with Sindh.

Words of song “Sahando ker mayar” so match with the national event that it refreshes love of every Sindhi for the land. This song has been generated many decades ago but after listening it we feel it as fresh.

We sing and enjoy this song but mostly people do not know about actual poet and singer and actual day of releasing of this Sindhi national song “Sahando ker mayar”. Therefore, Suhni Sindh has made a little effort to cumulate the knowledge about this Sindhi old anthem “Sahando ker mayar, Sindhri tay sir kair na deendo”

Who is the poet of Song "Sahando Kair Mayar"

Well friends we are here intimating that revolutionary and loving poet of Suhni Sindh Late Sheikh Ayaz has written this Sindhi national song “Sahando ker mayar”. 

No body knosw about actual day of writing this song by Late Sheikh Ayaz but this song is included in the poetry of book of Sheikh Ayaz “Wijoon wasan ayoon ; وڄون وسڻ آيون”. 

This book is compilation of Late Shiekh Ayaz’s poetry which he had written from 1964 to 1968 and it was published during 1973 by Zaib Adabi Markaz, Hyderabad.

Who is first singer of national Sindhi song "Sahando kair mayar"

Famous singer of Sindh Late Faqeer Abdul Ghafoor had sung this song for the first time. This song was also played in an old and famous Sindhi Film “Mithra Shaal Milan; مٺڙا شال ملن” in the voice of Faqeer Abdul Ghafoor. 

This film was written by famous writer of Sindh Amar Jaleel and it was released during 1972, but we still feel that this song is fresh and we desire to listen this song repeatedly.


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