What was Most Trending For Pakistanis during 2021


What was Most Trending For Pakistanis during 2021

Top Searches of celebrities and events remained Trending in Pakistan during 2021

Year 2021 is reaching at its finishing point however; the year is leaving this world with many incidents and memories. We have witnessed some joyous events and some sad events.

On the completion of year 2021, some different events have been compiled, which are trying to refresh our audiences’ memories and with the compilation of some important events. We hope that you will please to view and read again it.

What did Pakistanis keep searching on Google in 2021?

Largest search engine of the Internet world is Google through which we can search everything for our problems or interest. Google can provide any information available on internet with only one click.

Artificial Intelligence of Google is so smart that it can provide about interest level and things of interest of anybody or country.

Similarly, Google search engine has released the report regarding Pakistani which shows information about Pakistan that was the most searched on Google search engine during 2021.

As per report released by Google about search trends of Pakistanis during 2021, it revealed that Pakistanis had neither concerned about the belongings of Corona epidemic nor they had any interest in the politics, economy or government of Pakistan.

But Pakistanis were searching information about sports especially related to cricket.

As per report released by Google, none of top ten information’s, includes information on politics and economy. But, Pakistanis searched information about national team matches during of T20 World Cup and PSL (Pakistan Super League).

It is also surprising in the report that Pakistanis did not even search for the matches of national team with the traditional opponent India, they searched only for the match between India and England. However, Match of Pakistan Vs. South Africa were mostly searched by the Pakistanis.

Top ten most searches on Google by Pakistanis are as under:

10 Pakistan vs. Australia

9 Pakistan vs. New Zealand

8 Pakistan vs. England

7 India vs. England

6 Pakistan vs. Zimbabwe

5. T20 World Cup

4. Pakistan vs. England

3. PSL (Pakistan Super League)

2. Pakistan vs. West Indies

1. Pakistan vs. South Africa

Top Ten players Pakistani Searched on Google Search

Top ten players which were searched by Pakistanis on Google Search Engine are as under:-

Harris Rauf                   - 10

Danish Aziz                  - 09

Abid Ali                         - 08

Shadab Khan               - 07

Muhammad Rizwan    - 06

Hassan Ali                   - 05

Shaheen Afridi             - 04

Fakhr Zaman               - 03

Asif Ali                          - 02

Shoaib Malik                - 01

Which movies and dramas were searching by Pakistani during 2021?

Pakistani people also searched a number of international or national movies and dramas on Google Search Engine during the year 2021 for entertainment.

Three Pakistani dramas also includes amongst the most searched dramas.

This year, Pakistanis searched on Google for not only local and Indian movies and shows, but also South Korean and Spanish movies and web series, including Hollywood movies.

List of Top ten international and national movies searched by Pakistanis on Google Search Engine is as under:-.

The Eternal - 10

Oscar awardee Asian filmmaker Chloe Xiao has directed the film "The Eternal". Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harrington, Gemma Chen, Richard Maiden, Bollywood comedian Harish Patel, Don Lee and Pakistani-born Hollywood actor Kamil Nanjiani had starred in the film.

Black Widow - 09

Pakistani people searched for Scarlett Johnson's mega-budget film 'Black Widow. The film remained on the ninth most searched film.

Scarlett Johnson's film “Black Widow” was scheduled to be released during late 2019, but it was postponed in December 2019 due to Corona epidemic spread from China. Later, the movie was released during July 2021.

Ertugul Ghazi - 08

Turkish drama Ertugul Ghazi was on top on Google Search Engine trends during the year 2020. However, the drama lost its popularity during 2021 and remained at eight position in most searched dramas on internet.

Money Heist - 07

There is no doubt that popular Netflix series "Money Heist" is famous in the world. That is why Pakistanis were seen searching for it on Google Search Engine during this year.

Fifth season of this series was aired recently in this year.

Big Boss-15   06

Pakistanis also searched for most controversial and popular reality show of India Big Boss 15th season. This show surpassed "Ertugrul Ghazi" in popularity during the year 2021.

Radhe - 05

Pakistanis also searched action movie of Bollywood’s Dabang hero Salman Khan's film 'Radhe', which remained on fifth position in top five most searched on Google. The film was released during mid-2021.

Rang Mahal - 04

Pakistani fans remained committed in Pakistani dramas and movies despite of searching for Bollywood movies and other international web series.

Rang Mahal' drama aired on Geo TV remained on fourth position in Google Search Engine during 2021.

Chupke Chupke - 03

Hum TV’s romantic story based drama 'Chupke Chupke' remained on third position in Google search during 2021.

Khuda aur Mohabbat- 02

Geo TV's drama "Khuda aur Mohabbat " Seasons 3 beaten all dramas during 2021 and remained on second position amongst most top searched dramas in Pakistan on Google Search Engine.

Fans of India and other countries also searched this drama on internet.

Squid Games - 01

Web series 'Squid Games' released during September 2021 on Netflix. This film remained on 1st position in Google Search Engine in Pakistan.  

Not only in Pakistan but this film also remained on first position in many other countries on Google

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