Legend Actress Ghazal Siddique again Enters in Showbiz



Former popular actress Ghazal Siddique admits that people know her as 'Marvi' instead of her real name and  for this credit goes to playwright Sultana Siddiqui

Actress Ghazal Siddique belongs to Karachi who started her acting career after 1990 from Sindhi dramas later, she appeared in Urdu dramas.

Apart from acting, Ghazal Siddique also worked as a host and voice over artist while she also performed in theater dramas.

Ghazal Siddique remained off on the screen for more than a decade, recently appeared as guest in morning show on Sindhi Channel 'Time News' after her return from Canada and she discussed openly about her career.

According to Ghazal Siddique, her ancestors are from Karachi whereas she is the youngest of 9 siblings.

As per the actress, after getting married and later becoming mother, she decided to move from Pakistan to Canada for better growth and education of her son during 2008. She further said that she has now returned to her country after spending 12 years in Canada and will spend the rest of her life in Pakistan.

Ghazal Siddique said that she is also running YouTube channel for the last three years and she will now release unique content from Pakistan.

The actress said that she likes hosting more than acting and if she gets good opportunity to host, she will definitely work as host. Ghazal Siddique said that she was also working as a voice over artist, due to which she did not get a chance to do other work.

Talking further about career, Ghazal Siddique said that she did his most popular drama 'Marvi' at the will of director Sultana Siddiqui.

Ghazal Siddique said that she had almost quit acting, but she had performed that role of Marvi at on insistence of Sultana Siddiqui. However, this drama became her identity and people still call her 'Marvi' instead of her real name.

The actress said that Sultana Siddiqui insisted to perform the role of 'Marvi' as well as took all responsibilities related to her.

She further said that after the shooting of 'Marvi' drama, Sultana Siddiqui along with her son Duraid used to drop Ghazal Siddique at home late at night.

She said that the drama 'Marvi' was earlier made in Sindhi with the name 'Umar Marvi', and Sakina Samoo had performed the role of 'Marvi' but Sultana had chosen her  to perform in main role of Urdu drama.

She said that Marvi gave her as much fame as compared to other Sindhi and Urdu dramas.

Fans of the actress from different cities called during the program and expressed happiness over her entrance after a long time.

Some fans told the actress on the phone calls that their parents used to watch Ghazal Siddique when they too grew up watching her but the actress is the same. Some of the her fans jokingly also asked her age but she did not clarified her age and jokingly said that she writes on her birthday cakes as 16+.

Ghazal Siddique admitted that many people have told her that her parents and he too had grown up watching the actress's plays, but said that in fact she is not as old as people think.

The actress revealed that her favourite actor was Late Noor Muhammad Lashari. She said that acting of Noor Muhammad Lashari so natural that she has learnt much from the late actor.

It is pertinent to mention that actress Ghazal Siddique is legend actress of Sindh who has performed in Sindhi dramas in the past as well as performed in the Urdu dramas. Famous Sindhi dramas of the actress are Dhuban, Miti ja manhoo, Ainoo and her famous Urdu drama is Marvi.

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