Nikah Ceremony of Areeba Habib Held on Last Day of 2021


Nikah Ceremony of Areeba Habib Held on Last Day of 2021

Areeba Habib made it memorable by getting married on the last day of the year

Actress and Model Areeba Habib arranged Nikah Ceremony on 31 Dec 2021 and started her new life after making the last day of year 2021 memorable.

Areeba Habib confirmed her nikah ceremony on 31 December 2021 after sharing photos with her husband Saadain on Instagram.

The actress had worn traditional wedding dress of red colour while her husband had worn black dress.

Areeba Habib shared several photos of her nikah ceremony on the last day of 2021 and confirmed about their Nikah Ceremony.

Earlier, the actress had shared videos and photos of her henna party and she was seen dancing with her friends and showbiz associates.

Wedding celebrations of Areeba Habib started on 27 Dec 2021 in Karachi whereas; henna ceremony had started on 31 Dec 2021.

Actress Sana Fakhr Areeba, Zalay Sarhadi and other famous showbiz personalities had attended henna ceremony of Areeba Habib.

Mostly the Indian Songs were played while some Pakistani songs were also played during henna ceremony of the actress

Areeba Habib had confirmed about her marriage and intimated that she would start her new life early.

The actress had shared her wedding card in earlier Dec 2021 on Instagram and said that her wedding ceremony take place by the end of January.

It was predicted that rukhsati of the actress will be held on 2 Jan 2022 on the event of New Year.

After the marriage, the actress is now likely to be on leave till January 2, after which her funeral will be held.

Areeba Habib was born on 1 May 1993 in Karachi. Model Fariha Altaf introduced her in Pakistan fashion industry. Areeba Habib started her career from modeling in different national and international brands.

The actress started her acting debut on Televesion from 2018 after performing in her first drama Koi Chand Rakh. Afterwards, she has been performing in different dramas of different TV channels. Areeba Habib also started her YouTube Channel in 2019.

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