Neither FIA contacted nor gave any summon, Hareem Shah



TikTok Star Hareem Shah said that neither she has not received any summons from FIA neither nobody from the agency has contacted her so far.

About 2 days ago, Cyber ​​and Money Laundering Wing of FIA ​​Karachi had intimated regarding launching of investigation against Hareem Shah for illegal money transfer and act of cybercrime.

Now TikTok Star has said that she has come to know through media that FIA ​​regarding starting of investigation against Hareem Shah while neither any FIA contacted her nor she has received any summon.

The TikToker told Pakistani journalist based in the UK Murtaza Shah she would fully cooperate with FIA ​​during the investigation and she is not afraid of the investigation.

Hareem Shah said that she had made video in spoof with foreign currency however, she has never done any money laundering as well as never done any such illegal thing.

Hareem Shah said that she not left Pakistan and news regarding moving to UK is baseless.

Person being shown in the video has introduced himself as Danial Daniel Malik who claimed that Hareem Shah had made the video with his money.

Danial Malik said that he was associated with PTI in the past and he was asked for Rs 3.5 crore for acquiring seat in NA-68 constituency of Gujrat during General Elections 2018.

Danial Malik claimed that he had also met Imran Khan and he was the only honest and trustworthy person in Gujrat but PTI PTI had demanded Rs 3.5 crore from him for the ticket.

It is pertinent to mention that earlier, video of Hareem Shah with thousands of British pounds has gone viral on social media, in which the tiktoker claims that she has transferred the said foreign currency from Pakistan to Britain and nobody had stopped her.

After going viral video of Hareem Shah, FIA Sindh announced to start money laundering investigation against the tiktoker. FIA's cyber wing announced to launch investigation against her


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