Why Lips of Hareem Shah are Swollen

Why Lips of Hareem Shah are Swollen

A new video of TikTok Star Hareem Shah has gone viral in which her lips are strangely swollen

In viral video went on 29 Jan 2021, it can be seen that the left side of her lip is swollen deeply whereas Hareem Shah said that this happened due to not completing her lips’ surgery.

Hareem Shah, blamed FIA as responsible for becoming the swollen condition of lips, due to orders by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for freezing her bank accounts.

Hareem Shah said that she wanted lips surgery since she went to a specialist at London for the surgery.

The TikToker said that she received a call from Pakistan during the surgery process and knew that FIA authorities ​​have issued orders to freeze her bank accounts. As a result, she became anxious and left the surgery unfinished.

Hareem Shah said she left lips’ surgery unfinished after listening about freezing of her accounts because she knows about the expenses of surgery.

It is pertinent to mention that one video of Hareem Shah had gone viral during early January 2022. Hareem Shah was present in room with thousands of pounds and she had claimed that she brought the huge foreign currency from Pakistan to Britain but no one stopped her. The tiktoker had also shared her video on her Instagram, TikTok and snack video accounts.

FIA ​​had announced for investigation under money laundering act against her after sharing video by Hareem Shah.

FIA Cyber ​​Crime Branch also started an investigation against TikToker Hareem Shah under the act defaming the country and state institutions.

Later, the tiktoker had said through her explanatory video that the video made with thousands of pounds was made by her for fun. The money was not her and she is not involved in any money laundering.

FIA Cyber ​​Crime Sindh Chief Imran Riaz had intimated through his tweet and Instagram post that FIA has taken notice of another video released by Hareem Shah confessing regarding money laundering and then claiming that she has made video just for fun.

As per Imran Riaz, FIA has sent notice to Hareem Shah seeking a reply, while a case of defamation of Pakistan and state institutions has also been registered against her and investigation has started against the tiktoker.


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