Wedding Ceremony of Actress Hiba Bukhari and Aarz Ahmed



On onset of Year 2022, different showbiz personalities have been seen marrying

We have also observed that mostly showbiz personalities get married in early age which is a good impact Muslim country. Some of the wedding events are illustrated in succeeding paras.

Marriage of  Hiba Bukhari and Actor Aarz Ahmed

Nikah Ceremony of Actor Aarz Ahmed and Actress Hiba Bukhari was arranged during the first week of year 2021. The couple had got engaged during December 2021.

Wedding events of the couple had started on 4 Jan 2022. Both Hiba Bukhari and Aarz Ahmed shared photos of their nikah ceremony. Management and photographer teams also shared videos and photos on different social media platforms.

Celebrations of their wedding started 4 January 2022.

Photos of Henna event of the bride and groom have gone viral on social media, which was arranged between 6 and 7 Jan 2021.

It is perceived that rukhsati will be held on 10 January 2022.

It is pertinent to mention that the couple had confirmed their engagement after sharing photo of rings on Instagram and intimated that they would got married soon.

It is pertinent to mention that actress Hiba Bukhari is born to a Sindhi family living in Karachi.

Wedding of Actress Saboor Aly

Henna ceremony of Actress Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari was arranged on night 5/6 Jan 2021, whereas wedding ceremony of the couple was arranged on 7 Jan 2021.

Her sister Sajal Aly also attended the event who took along Saboor Aly till Nikah event venue whereas groom Ali Ansari also arrived with her sister Maryam Ansari. Nikah event venue was decorated with white flowers

Saboor Aly had worn traditional jewelry of white colour whereas, her friends and other showbiz personalities attended and enjoyed the event.

During the nikah ceremony, actress Saboor Aly could not control her feeling started weeping. Groom Ali Ansari in try to support bride lovingly kissed on forehead.

Nikah Video of the event has gone viral on social media and their fans have felt their best wishes on start of their new life.

Actress Aiman Khan, Zara Anwar Abbas, Sadia Ghaffar, Kinza Hashmi, Urwa Hussain and other showbiz personalities attended that event.

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