Atiq Ur Rehman may come to take his Bride along, Mother of Meera

Atiq Ur Rehman may come take his Bride along, Meera Mother

Atiq - ur - Rehman may come and take his bride along, Mother of actress Meera

Shafqat Begum Mother of Actress Meera has issued video message for Atiq-ur-Rehman asking him to come and marry her daughter Meera.

Shafqat Begum has released the message a time when a few days ago Lahore Sessions Court had declared that actress Meera is wife of Atiq-ur-Rehman.

After the verdict of the court, Shafqat Begum mother of Actress Meera said in a short video message that in the light of the verdict, she desires that Atiq-ur-Rehman may come and take her daughter along as his bride.

As per Shafqat Begum, the court and Shariat also believe that her daughter Meera is the wife of Atiq-ur-Rehman.

She also said that according to Shariat Atiq ur Rehman can take her daughter as his bride by paying her non-maintenance till today and she is also ready to facilitate reconciliation between the couple.

It is pertinent to mention that a person namely Ateeq Ur Rehman had claimed during 2009 that actress Meera is his wife and Meera  arranged marriage with Captain Naveed despite already married.

In this regard, Family court Lahore had ruled during the year 2018 that Actress Meera is wife of Ateeq Ur Rehman but Meera had filed petition in the Sessions Court Lahore against the decision of the Family Court in the case of denial of marriage.

After submission of petition by Meera, dozens of hearing were held in the court even, Court had issued arrest warrants for actress Meera for non-appearing in the court.

After listening hearing on petition since, on 31 Jan 2022, Session Court had given final decision that Actress Meera is wife of Atiq ur Rehman.  

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