Khan Bahadur Syed Alhando Shah, Who Served whole Life for the Nation



Khan Bahadur Syed Alhando Shah, who ever served for to change life of Sindhi People

Syed Alhando Shah Son of Syed Yousaf Shah born on 17 October 1857 at Dhabro Village (Present Darbelo Town), Taluka Kandiaro of District Naushahro Feroze. He was amongst the richest and influential persons of Sindh specially persons belonging to District Naushahro Feroze.

Basic Qualification and Career

Syed Alhando Shah acquired his basic qualification in Sindhi, Persian and Arabic from his native village and acquired English qualification as well.

Syed Alhando Shah started his political career from 1897 and became member of District Local Board Hyderabad till 1919. Due to his services and intellectualism, he was also elected as member of Bombay Council and remained as member of Viceroy Assembly from 1914.

During his service period, Allahando Shah remained in patience and performed intelligently since British government appointed him as Judge.

Services for the Nation

Syed Alhando Shah was loving and caring the poor and illiterate people of Suhni Sindh. He remained always worried about Sindhi people and ever thought to provide a quality education to the people of his area.

Syed Alhando Shah got impressed from Ali Garh Movement of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, since he also started participating in various conference of Al Muhammadan Movement.

Keeping in view the vision of Sir Syed Ahmed and Hassan Ali Effendi for granting religious and modern qualification in English to the people, Allhando Shah was thinking for betterment of Sindhi people and persuaded for provision of qualification.

Establishment of Madarsa at Naushahro Feroze

Influential and rich persons of district Naushahro Feroze were proceeding their children to Karachi or Hyderabad for higher education in English, but poor people could not afford expenditure of their children’s qualification from these cities. Since, Syed Alhando Shah got worried for providing qualification to the poor people at nearest location

Keeping in view his thoughts, Alhando Shah made efforts and established a madrasah at Naushahro Feroze city during 1903 with the name Naushahro Madarasa. He arranged teachings of religious education alongwith education in Sindhi and English in said madarsa.

Alhando Shah later established a hostel for the madarsa during 1904 to facilitate the students coming from far-flung areas of Sindh. It is learnt that he used to arrange the meals of students living in hostel at his native village Dhabro (Darbelo) and later transported it through camels.

Abandoned Hostel of Madarsa High School Naushahro Feroze

The Madarsa was upgraded as Government Noor Muhammad High School during 1918, which is still functional in Naushahro Feroze city.

Besides, he opened many schools for girls during his services in Local Government Board Hyderabad.

Exemption of Levy for uncultivated Agricultural Land

During British government, farmers had to pay levy on agricultural lands either these were cultivated or uncultivated; since owners of agricultural had to pay levy whole land, even it was uncultivated otherwise British government would capture their land. Syed Alhando Shah made efforts and exempted levy on agricultural lands which were remained uncultivated.

Due to his service and love with Suhni Sindh, Sindhi people called him Khan Bahadur Alhando Shah.


Syed Alhando Shah expired on 19 October 1919 at Darbelo at the age of 53 years.

Syed Alhando Shah had two sons i.e Syed Qararo Shah and Syed Muhammad Ali.

His grandson Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah aka Alhando Shah s/o Syed Muhammad Ali is also currently affiliated with politics who was elected as MNA during GE 1988 and GE-1997. Moreover, he is currently appointed as senator from 2018 to 2024.

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