Indian Police Arrests Accused for Getting 27 marriages



Indian police arrested an accused from Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha state, for trapping women and marrying 18 women

As per Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, investigators said that an accused namely Bebhu Prakash Swain was arrested a week ago, who had got married with more than 18 women. He used to save addresses of his wives as Madam Delhi, Madam Assam or Madam UP in his mobile, according to the cities or regions of their wives.

The five-foot-two-inch-tall man is reported to have 27 marriages in 10 Indian states.

A senior police official told News agency AFP that accused had got married with the special motive to get money while some extent for his own sexual gratification.

The 67-year-old man identified himself as a 51 years old doctor, professor, lawyer or any other important personality on different marriage client websites.

The accused used fake ration cards to lure people as well as claiming a lucrative jobs and his family background with a fake appointment letters.

According to the police officer, the accused has a special ability to convince women and he used to target unmarried, widowed or divorced women of 40 years age.

It is reported that the accused was involved in marrying repeatedly for many years but he was exposed due to marriages during February and March 2021.

According to police, the accused was also demanding money from wives after get marrying under various pretexts and used to show dire need of money and he would return soon.

The accused is also alleged to get more than one crore Indian rupees from 13 banks through 128 credit cards acquired with fake identity. The accused also runs a medical laboratory chain in which doctors and staff have not been paid for many months.

Police launched an investigation against Swain in May 2021 after a complaint lodged by a 48 years old woman, who had suspicion for having more than seven wives.

The victim lady had complained to police with all available information including his bank accounts, resultantly, police surfaced frauds of the accused in this case.

Accused Bebhu Prakash Swain was born in small village in Orissa, where he got married for the first time during 1978. He has three sons from first marriage out of which two are doctors and one son is a dentist.

The accused is a lab technician by profession. He left his family at his native village and shifted to Bhubaneshwar, where he introduced himself as a doctor. In 2002, he got married for the second time.

According to police, the accused has since then used different names and identities always showing him as doctor or professor.

Police authorities suspect that the accused has not done him alone while police is probing for his facilitators.

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