Meera Appeals LHC to cancel decision about marriage with Attique



Meera has challenged the decision to declare herself as Atiq-ur-Rehman's wife

Actress Meera has filed petition at Lahore High Court against the decision of Sessions Court in Lahore regarding decision for declare her as wife of Atiq-ur-Rehman.

Lahore Sessions Court had rejected Meera's plea on 31 January 2022 and stated that Meera is the wife Atiq-ur-Rehman.

Before the decision of Sessions Court, Family Court had also declared actress Meera as wife of Atiq-ur-Rehman during 2018, while the actress had filed appeal against the decision but the Session court rejected gave decision in favor of Atiq-ur-Rehman.

Now, Meera has filed a petition at Lahore High Court against the decision of the Sessions Court, requesting the court to quash decision of session court and declare the nikah nama submitted by Atiq-ur-Rehman as forged.

Rana Asad Munir Advocate appeared in Lahore High court on 24 February 2022 on behalf of actress Meer and filed her client's petition.

The petition filed by Meera states that the actress was not given proper opportunity to present her witnesses in the trial court. Moreover, she could not present her parents as witnesses in the court due to threat to their lives.

The petition states that Atiq-ur-Rehman produced fake nikah and photographs made during shooting of film in Dubai. He has prepared fake marriage certificate to blackmail the actress.

The actress has said In the petition that the trial court did not certify Nikah nama submitted by Atiq-ur-Rehman as per law and nikah nama presented before the was not original.

As per petition, Atiq-ur-Rehman did not produce any certified documents related regarding nikah nama before the trial court. However, the nikah khuwan also stated that he has no document or evidence to prove Atiq-ur-Rehman's nikah nama as original.

The petition contends that Family Court insisted on the photographs to prove nikah nama as authentic.

It has also been stated in the court also said that there are numerous pictures of actress Meera available on internet which can be misused,  while no negatives or original digital copies of the photographs were not produced before the court.

The petitioner has alleged that Atiq-ur-Rehman submitted the edited photos to before the court to blackmail her, on the basis of fake photos; the Family Court dismissed her application.

The actress also requested Lahore High Court to declare Atiq-ur-Rehman's nikah nama as false by annulling the decision Family Court and order of Sessions Court regarding her denial of marriage case.

Lahore High Court has summoned all the parties, including Atiq-ur-Rehman on 13 April 2022 on the request of the actress.

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