SHC restrained FIA and SBP to take further action, Hareem Shah

SHC restrained FIA and SB to take further action, Hareem Shah


Court restrained FIA and Sate Bank and PTA to take action against me, Hareem Shah

TikTok Star Hareem Shah has said that following to petition filed by her husband Bilal Shah, Sindh High Court has directed Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and State Bank Stopped to take further action against her.

Hareem Shah said that her husband Bilal Shah had filed a petition in Sindh High Court through her lawyer Munir Ahmed.

According to the tiktoker, on the petition submitted by her husband, Sindh High Court, while administering justice, restrained FIA, PTA and SBP to take any action against her.

Hareem Shah thanked the court and said that she is hopeful to appear there in March 2022 on the summons of the court. However, if she cannot return to the country for any reason, her husband and lawyer will appear in court.

As per Hareem Shah, FIA ​​and State Bank will not be able to freeze her accounts after the court orders, while the PTA will not be able to take any action against her social media accounts.

She said that PTA removed the blue tick from her TikTok Account, while FIA ​​also had called the travel agent who provided the ticket and asked him to cancel Hareem’s ticket.

Hareem Shah said that she had already made it clear that she had made the video on social media with foreign currency just in jest and she had apologized for it as well and asked FIA ​​to cooperate in any way. But despite this, action was taken against her.

The tiktoker said that despite FIA's letter, British National Crime Agency (NCA) had not taken any action against her. But the FIA took action against her, as if she were a criminal or had held a senior position.

Hareem also thanked media including Sindh High Court and her lawyer and said that FIA ​​and PTA cannot take any action against her in the light of court orders.

It is pertinent to mention that FIA ​​had few days ago asked State Bank of Pakistan to freeze TikToker’s account. FIA ​​is also conducting separate investigations against Hareem Shah under money laundering and cybercrime laws.

FIA ​​launched started investigation against TikToker Hareem Shah when video of Hareem Shah had gone going viral in which she was sitting in a room with thousands of pounds and she claimed in the video that she had brought huge foreign currency from Pakistan to UK but nobody stopped her. The tiktoker had also shared her video on her Instagram and Snack Video accounts.

Later, FIA ​​had announced to start investigation against her under money laundering rule. Later, Hareem Shah had said in her explanatory video that she had made video with thousands of pounds just in jest and money was not her and she is not involved in any money laundering.

FIA Cyber ​​Crime Branch also launched an investigation against Hareem Shah for defaming the country and state institutions and sent notice to her.

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