Biography of Famous Aalim Moulana Muhammad Idrees Dahiri



Moulana Muhammad Idrees Dahiri is famous Islamic Scholar of Suhni Sindh, who has ever served for preach of Islam

Moulana Muhammad Idrees Dahri was born on 17 September 1947 at Village Muqeem Dahiri, Qazi Ahmed, District Shaheed Benazirabad (Nawabshah).

He received Nazra Quran Education at the age of six years from a Maddarsa at village Haji Ghulam Haider Dahiri adjacent to his native village.

Acquiring of Islamic Qualification and Preach of Islam

His teacher of Quran was Allah Bachayo Channa, who started him Quran education. He also received teachings of Arabic and Persian languages at the same maddarsa. He completed education of Persian and Arabic language alongwith other Islamic Hadith and Fiqah within the seven years.

Moulana performed his first Haj 1976 through sea travelling. He has so far seven Haj and numerous ummrahs     

As a scholar, Moulana Idrees entered for the first time in Naqshbandi tariqah by taking oath of loyalty from Sheikh Allah Bakhsh Abbasi Naqshbandi of Sindh Province, and received Khilafat (Ijazah).

He later received Ijazah from Shaikh Zain ibn Ibrahim Sameet al-Alawi of Makah. He has also Ijazah from Sheikh Fahmi of Medina.

Moulana Dahiri delivers his speeches and lectures in different parts of Sindh in Sindhi Language; however, he often delivers his speeches in Urdu in urban areas where his listeners interpret other languages.


Moulana Idrees Dahiri also runs two madarasas, one madarsa is located at his native Village, while other is located at Shahpur Jahania Town from where hundreds of Hifz-e-Quran are passed out after memorizing Quran on yearly basis. 

Writing of books

Moulana Idrees Dahiri started poetry writing since study life and mostly written naats as well as qaseeda in respects of saints.

Moulana Idrees Dahiri is enthusiast of reading and writing, he has also established a library at his native village, where he has placed books of different religions and sectarian Ulams alongwith his own books.

Moulana Idrees Dahiri has written 50 books on religious topics, which include Fiqah, taswuf and biographies of Islamic personalities. His unique production as author is tafsir of Quran, in which he has translated and elaborated Quran in 5 volumes in Sindhi Language.

Moulana Idrees Dahiri has also translated Islamic books of Arabic languages written by famous scholars of Sindh Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattvi and Sheikh Abu Ul Hassan Dahiri. His famous Sindhi books are

Tafsir and translation of Holy Quran in Sindhi containing 5 volumes.

Fazail-e-Miswak (Virtues of Miswak)

Iden Ja Fazail Aen Masail (Issues and Virtues of Eids)

Juma Ja Fazail Aen Masail (virtues and issues of Jumat Ul Mubarak)

Karamat Imam Rabbani (research on miralces of Imam Rabbani)

Subute Khatm-e-Nabwat.

Translation of Books

Baqiat al-Salihat from Arabic to Sindhi which was written by Muhammad Hashim Thattvi, The books contains biographies of wives of Muhammad (SAW)

He translated Khamsat al-Tahirah from Arabic to Sindhi originally written by Allama Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattvi in Arabic in language. This book is written about the evidences in Sharia regarding concept of Panjtan Pak

Madah Nama translated from Arabic to Sindhi, which was also written by Muhammad Hashim Thattvi, This book is about Praise of Sindh in Islamic history.

Title of Bulbul-e-Madina

Due to his humble love with Islam, followers of Moulana Idrees Dahiri have awarded him Title as "Bulbul-e-Madina.


Moulana Idrees Dahiri has four sons, who are Ashique hussain, Ahsanullah, Mufti Ubedullah Dahri and Waliullah, His son also have interest in preach of Islam.

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