Lion Attacks TikTok Star Hareem Shah


Lion Attacks TikTok Star Hareem Shah

A lion followed controversial TikTok Star and actress Hareem Shah resultantly got scared terribly

Hareem Shah has shared a video on her Instagram account, in which it can be seen that the TikTok Star is standing in black dress and holding mobile in her hands, in such situation, a lion tries to approach her.

Guard of Hareem Shah makes a siege to defend her from the lion attack but tiktoker runs inside the adjacent room to survive her.

This video of Hareem Shah is going viral quickly on social media and it has been viewed more than 23K viewers since in just eight hours.

Hareem Shah has not given any details about location and reasons of this incident in caption of the video. However, as per previous status, Hareem Shah is out of country and she is enjoying her days now a days at London.

On 26 Feb 2022, Hareem Shah shared video of Hillingdon Sports and Laser Complex on her Instagram account in which she greeted her fans and said that hot swimming in winter season of UK has its own taste.

The tiktoker has also met with MQM Leader Altaf Hussain.   

It is pertinent to mention that TikToker Hareem Shah in facing an inquiry at FIA in connection with a video shared by her in which she had claimed that she moved from Pakistan with huge foreign currency but not one checked her.

FIA in reaction had registered the case against Hareem Shah and froze her bank accounts; however, the titok star had filed a petition in Sindh High Court,

In pursuance to the petition, Sindh High Court had instructed FIA, PTA and State Bank not to take any further action against the tiktoker till finalization of verdict on the petition.  

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