Who is the Inventor of GIF Formats' Animated Pictures


who invented GIF Format Pictures

Internet users, especially social media apps, will be familiar with the animated images for which the GIF Image Format is used.

But you know that GIF Image Format was the result of someone's mind?

If you don't know that he is Stephen Wilhite, a computer scientist from the United States.

GIF’s founder Stephen Wilhite has died at the age of 74 due to complications of COVID19.

Stephen Wilhite was diagnosed with the corona virus on March 14.

His former colleague Dave Eastburn said in an online message that he would be remembered as a leader in online computing.

Another colleague, Jane Henderson, said that he was intelligent and always said what he believed.

Stephen Wilhite developed the GIF format in 1987 while leading a team of engineers at an early internet service provider company.

In 2012, on the 25th anniversary of GIF’s introduction, Stephen Wilhite was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his unforgettable impact on the web user interface.

On this occasion, he also expressed his views on the decades-old debate over the pronunciation of this file format.

He said that Oxford University accepts the pronunciation with hard G like go, gas but it is wrong and it is pronounced with soft G, like Jif peanut butter since the file format should be called with soft G pronunciation.

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