Limpy Skin Disease (LSD) Spread in Cattle in Different Parts of Sindh



Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) is spreading in cows in different parts of Sindh due to which hundreds of cattle has been infected

 Lumpy Skin a skin disease spread from Africa has also been reported in Sindh Province of Pakistan.

Lumpy is dangerous skin disease which spreads from animal skins to the body.

Experts say the outbreak of the disease affected 8 million animals in Africa.

As per experts, the lumpy virus is spread by one type of fly the saliva which infects animals.

Lumpy Skin Disease is viral disease which affects animals. This disease is transmitted by blood feeding insects, like a certain type of flies, mosquitoes or impulses.

The disease causes knots on the skin, fever as well as leads to death of animals.  Lumpy Skin disease is dangerous of such animals which have not been exposed to such disease and such animal can expire due to this type of disease.

The veterinary experts say that there is no anti lumpy skin disease medicine in Pakistan. However, it can be controlled by limited movement of cattle; taking care of cattle to avoid any other skin disease as well as sprays may be executed to prevent the disease.

Moreover, the experts say that the animals get recovered from this after 6-8 months.

Lumpy Skin disease spread during 2012 from Middle East to South East Europe. The disease spread in Russian states during 2015, while it spread in South Asian country till 2021 and reached China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Hong Kong .

Dairy and Cattle Farm Association of Karachi says that hundreds of cows and bulls in different parts of the city are suffering from this disease.

The association said hundreds of limpy infected animals have been seen who have been gathered in one shed of Buffaloes. They further revealed that 2% of total infected cows have expired in Bhanis Colony of Karachi

The Dairy and Cattle Farm Association of Sindh has demanded to ban inter-provincial movement of animals.

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