I gave up my study due to Love Marriage, Fahad Mustafa



We must work harder to boost film industry of Pakistan, Fahad Mustafa

Host, Actor and Producer Fahad Mustafa has said that it is a fact that a good film industry has not been formed in Pakistan. However, our drama industry is very popular.

Fahad Mustafa recently participated in Noman Ijaz's program 'G Sarkar', He talked about his personal life including showbiz and admitted his some mistakes as well.

In response to a question, he said that he started production 8 years ago and so far he has produced more than 90 dramas, serials and films, from which he also earned money. While his father actor Salahuddin Tunio made very good plays but he had not the art of making money from dramas.

Fahad said that he was not interested in acting; but he appeared in showbiz incidentally.

He said that he has married for 15 to 17 years ago; while best day of his life, when his daughter was born and he had a son after his daughter.

The actor and host revealed that he had stopped study of pharmacy to get married and he had told his father that he did not want to study any more.

He said that he had love marriage, which angered his parents as well as his in-laws, however, later their families agreed.

The host said that he could not continue his education but his wife got a good education and then she made entry showbiz, whereas both have faced many failures and successes together.

In response to another question, Fahad Mustafa said that Mahira Khan has been his 'crush' and he wanted to work with Mahira Khan, but the actress did not want to work with him. He clarified that both were offered to work together in some projects, but in some he, and in some Mahira Khan refused to work.

Fahad Mustafa further revealed that soon both will be seen in a film 'Quaid-e-Azam Zinda Bad' and he enjoyed working with Mahira Khan.

Talking about the film and drama industry in the program, Fahad Mustafa said that mostly Pakistani people are watching dramas.  Drama industry is very good there is no rival for Pakistani dramas..

The producer said that Pakistani film industry was emerging a few years ago till 2019 but now it has lagged behind again and we should accept the fact that our film industry has have been replaced by bollywod and other film industries.

He further said we must admit that we can make film industry as compared to drama industry. We have legendary TV actors but we have no movie legends. However, we call some people forcibly as movie legends.

Fahad Mustafa further said that today no one remembers the names of five Pakistani films and even no singer knows the songs of Pakistani films.

As per the producer, in current scenario Pakistani film industry should produce 70 films a year, out of which at least 15 films must at a level so that we can be proud that we made good films. Later, producer review each of their films and then make a commitment that they will make a better film next year.

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