Indian Film copied with the Dialogue of Dananeer Mobin


Indian Film copied with the Dialogue of Dananeer

Famous dialogue “Pawri ho rai hai” has been copied in Indian Film

The five seconds video of a scene from the shooting of upcoming film 'Bhool Bholiyan 2' is going viral on various social media pages. In which, famous dialogue of Dananeer Mubeen “#Pawri girl” with meme can be listened. has been included in the script. 

The famous dialogue “pawri ho rai hai” has been included in the script of Bollywood's new movie 'Bhool Bhuliyan 2'. 

After uploading the scene of film, said video has gone vial on social media and social media users are giving interesting comments.

One user wrote, "Danneer should hit copyright claim on them."

Another user wrote, "Indians cannot do anything without copying Pakistanis."

One user has written that "the strange thing is that Indians has become more famous than Pakistanis by copying Pakistanis, whether it is dialogues or songs."

Another person has written that he said so badly!

Background of the dialogue

It is pertinent to mention that one 19 year’s old girl namely Dananeer Mubeen belonging to Peshawar had gone to visit northern areas with her friends during the month of February 2021.

She had made a four seconds video in which she had said “ye hum hien, ye hamari car hai, aur hamari party ho hai” in her unique style.

Her video had gone so viral on social media that it was viewed more than 2.00 Millions within two days,

Instagram account of Dananeerr Mobin had also received over 400k subscribers on instagram account after going viral the video.

Moreover, many people including showbiz personalities and politicians of Pakistan as well as India had also prepared meme videos on the dialogue. Even, Indian musician has recreated a tune on pawri ho rai hai

The unique dialogue of Dananeer Mubeen was also searched on internet approximate 2.00 million times within two days with different keywords like, pawri girl, pawri ho rai hai meaning, pawri ho rai hai girl name etc.



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