Poet, Singer and Compere Irshad Jagirani, Multi Talented Person



Irshad Jagirani is multi talented person of Sindh, who has performed in various fields of showbiz industry

Irshad Jagirani is a compere, poet, column writer, drama writer and singer of Sindh. He is basically an advocate but he chose showbiz line and started as compere from Radio Pakistan.


Irshad Jagirani started his career from Radio Pakistan Khairpur Mir as compere of Sindhi Program “Motin Mala”. His program on the radio was liked very much due to his better pronunciation of Sindhi language.

Irshad Jagirani started his TV career as newscaster from Sindh TV News. His way of pronunciation of words was so appreciable that he later started performing compere on Sindh TV.

Irshad Jagirani is also a good poet and recites poetry in his beautiful voice. He has written many poem and Sindhi anthems. He has almost written his poetry on the current era like emergence of Internet, social media and other current issues.

His poetry has sung many singers of Sindh like Master Manzoor, Manzoor Sakhirani, Sarmad Sindhi and many more.

IrshadJagirani is also a good singer and released many songs. He started singing during 2019 and still continued singing.


Irshad Jagirani has faced controversies in his career life.  However, it is not known the reasons for his controversies, whether his character is controversial or he being criticized by his anti persons. 

He was arrested by FIA during 2019 on complaint of KTN Anchor Sahar Shah Rizvi for harassing her through social media accounts. She had complained that IrshadJagirani allegedly was blackmailing her after sending her photos taken during performance with him. However, he was later released by the FIA authorities.

Irshad Jagirani had faced criticism over releasing her new version song of Late Jalal Chandio “Ach ta budhayan” in which Irshad Jagirani had also performed as model with lady Model Rubi Ali, in which he had performed some scenes with vulgar attitude. Since, he was criticized very much by the Sindhi people.

He has recently released another new version Song of Late Jalal Chandio “Jahri thai Mast Jawani”.  He is also being criticized on his performance in his new song.



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